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Sebring 12 Hours 1964 Proposed group build thread

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Ok, I have kept quiet but here goes.  For sure CSX2287 was Viking blue in 1964 and Guardsman Blue in 1965 and stayed that way through adventures at Bonneville and on to rest at Simione.

Now the rear fender flare issue.  Cars racing at Le Mans were required to have the body extend downward to the center of the wheels.  CSX 2287 had the larger flare in 1964 but you can see CSX 2299 had smaller tabs behind the wheels like many of the competitors did.


Now say good night Gary.  OK, "good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are". (Jimmy Durante)

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Model master enamel paint - had good fortune mixing a pale green metallic color on the Cooper FIII last yr - so lets see if i can cook up some Viking Blue - the interior metallic blue is too dark out if the bottle- per the bottle top photo - but with a little added aluminum I’m close - while wet - its a shade darker than the Zero Paints V blue - but it seems to be getting lighter as it dries - we’ll see what I’ve got in the morning - one thing for sure - the silver metal flake  is much more scale accurate than the Zero …





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Much better Andy.  Your photo looks a little pale to me compared to other photos I have.  This one is before the roof was cut out over the windshield to get some air to the drivers.  But then when I compare it to my model looks more silver like Pierre said.



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Well, if opposing viewpoints are welcomed, Pictures of old color cards never look the same from one another. Personally I prefer to refer to as many period pictures as possible (despite limitations of old pictures ), pick a target ans do a spray test (or brush for a dummy like me)

Check out these two from 64 LeMans.


Cobra Coupe Viking Blue 1.jpeg

Cobra Coupe Viking Blue 2.jpeg

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Lengthened the rocker panels to match the longer bonnett and added louvers that were unique to chass 2287  -  i think -  that diamond coated cutting bit is useful for gauging the louvers -  i think they are made by Eurotool - which caters to jewelry makers …



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Once i re-profiled the beak - i realized that i had to follow the new shape down around the radiator opening - with some bits of Evergreen strip and putty - i wanted to get the correct shape - its a design feature that has been copied in   Generations of sports cars since …





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6 hours ago, absmiami said:

Now a third coat of Tamiya rattle can primer - probably the final primer coat - that strip of Renshape is finally well hidden  …. 






Wow, Andrew. You have some real master modeling going on here. At first, I had my doubts about this project, but it's going to be   through the roof Awesome for sure.

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MJ. gracias - but don’t say thru the roof - I’ve already done that ..

Cman :  are you holding out ??  we’ve got 1 Cobra finished,  2 more started -  and 7 left that haven’t been tagged yet - see page 1 - which Cobra is yours? Or are you eyeing one of the Ferraris ?   No rush though - completion date for the thread is March something 2024 …


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