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Sebring 12 Hours 1964 Proposed group build thread

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The Racing Sports Cars site is a nice way to research - and make your head spin, or explode ...

this link has basic info and some good photos of the entire field ...

The '64 Sebring race is 1 yr and 7 months short of it's 60th anniversary.

And its nice to know that - short of another pandemic - the 2024 race will be a huge party

- with 100,000 of your closest friends.  [Insert drinking joke here]


Here is a list - not quite complete - of the teams that contested the '64 race

    Shelby Cobra - open roadster and Daytona Coupe

    Chev Grand Sport

    Chev Sting Ray

   Ferrari 275 and 330 P factory teams - and NART entry

   Ferrari GTOs  factory and private  -  and a stray LMB ...

   Porsche  356, 718 and 904  factory teams and private ...

   Alpine  A110 and M63

   Austin Healey

    Alfa Romeo

    private entries:  Lotus, Volvo [yes, Volvo] , Triumph,  MGB

   over 80 entries...


  Drivers?   just check out the lineup on the website ...


So here's the deal ...  stop whatever you're doing ...

let's do a group build tread  - start now  - completion deadline March 1, 2024.

All of the entries have been kitted at one time or another - some are buried deep in your stash

others are hard to get but still gettable ... plastic, resin, white metal, whatever 

3D printed?  oh hell yes ....  -  but see scale rules below ...

so the idea  is to develop a thread that has as many of the '64 race entries as possible ...

The thread Rules ??  Don't worry,, I'll make them up as we go ...

And I'm sure I'll change them as we go ...


Initial Thread Rules [trumpets please]

decide what you want to build   -  once you post your chosen entry

- and start to post  initial build pix - that entry is YOURS

Can you build more than one entry?

Oh yes - but choose an entry from a different team - 

example - if you choose to build the #003  Grand Sport and you want to tackle a second Corvette entrant

- choose one of the private Sting Ray entries ... or the Bizzarini ...  or the Lola 

Scale ??  24th or 25th  - only -  no exceptions - for reasons that I will explain later ...

Curbside?  sure - why not ...

does your chosen entry have to have been a finisher ???

    of course not!  Sebring's history is as famous for the cars that didn't finish as those that limped to the finish line...


          IF you choose the race winner - that would be the Mike Parkes Ferr 275P

           -  you must build it with a detailed engine bay - sorry - my rules ... 

Got my entry all set - just started it - unless you post on this thread and beat me to it ...








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In the spring of ‘64 - Ford was testing - in England - GT40 chass 101 and 102 -  they were commited to the 64 Lemans race - but they wanted a shakedown or dress rehearsal first - that turned out to be Nurburgring in late May - the cars were not quite ready to run Sebring- BUT THEY SURE WERE ENTERED! 

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So a Sebring ‘64 Ford GT40 is an approved thread build!  And it wouldnt’t even be a “phantom” - we know exactly what the 64 GT40 program livery was - and both cars still exist!  the only question is what the assigned race numbers would have been - AND - we could have some fun with the driver assignments, right?  How ‘bout Gurney and AJ in 102 ?  

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Gramps. gonna take you out of your comfort zone - gonna have to do a sports car with Sebring markings - AND - gonna forbid you from entering one of the GT40s - as you could make one of those in your sleep - mite I suggest the Cunningham 904 ??  Or maybe one of the privateer GTOs ??  ??

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36 minutes ago, absmiami said:

Rich - and Ace -   Scroll back down the Sports Cars site at the top of the page - keep scrolling - all the way down to the bottom of the entries that did not show up section … anything interesting there?

Did that Andy...no pictures for most of the "no Shows"   There is plenty of other stuff...I'll find something.   I think that is pretty cool you are going to dedicate your build to Josh.  He was a great guy and I enjoyed writing to him.   Like others...its a great loss. A fitting tribute Andy as it was his last post. 

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I'm liking the Ferrari 250 GTO #3767, race number 32. Though it DNF'd, it was an American team...Angels Aviation Racing...with Don Yenko as one of the drivers. I have kits in stock from several manufacturers to choose from, and the nose of this particular car at this particular time looks like it will require enough minor body mods to make it interesting (it looks to me like it's been crashed and repaired, with the lines not coming back exactly as they were originally, and this might be why the car apparently got a new nose in 1975).

There's already some potential research conflicts coming up too, with one history showing it was repainted from green to blue in '63 when it was purchased by Ed Cantrell / Angels Aviation. Another history says it wasn't painted red (from green) until after the Nassau race in '64, but the site referenced here says it was red with blue and white stripes at Sebring in '64, so the color on the photo below will need further verification.

32 - Ferrari 250 GTO #3767GT - Angels Aviation Racing Team

EDIT: Sign me up for the #2 finisher as well, the Ferrari 275P #0820, race number 23. I already have an ancient Monogram 1/24 curbside kit (based on the slotcar body) and a nice set of wires for it...and I don't want to get myself bogged down in doing a full-detail model of the winning version, which I would probably never finish.



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The 3 litre GTOs with the ‘64 bodies are interesting subjects  - but hard to find in scale - there were some slot bodies - hard to get - Ive got a rare resin slush cast body - cast in some “not very good for you” resin - what’s currently available for this signicant Ferrari ?  Did MFH do one ? Think so - though not currently produced …

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18 minutes ago, absmiami said:

Ace - 23 and 32 are yours - IF you post the kits - and The post includes some initial work - per my Cobra Daytona post …

No problem, though it'll be a couple of days before I can get the bench cleaned off, straightened up, get something done, and get pix shot and uploaded.

I've been putting off cleaning the bench for months, as I have very little free time right now, but this will give me the kick in the butt I need.

The 250 I'll be starting with is the Italeri version, as the body is the closest to the #32 car as-pictured, with the correct rear wheel arch lip, though it needs an extra gill on each side.

For the 275, rather than starting with a virgin kit, I'll be rebuilding a glooey built-up that really needed a purpose in life. This is primarily because, after checking, it seems both the new 275P kits already moved west with the first load, and the only one here is the gluebomb.

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The late mike quarterman sold ‘64 GTO resin cast body kits briefly - could not have sold more Than 50 of these - they were cast - I think - by Paul Fisher - the Acme tag under the tail is the giveaway … lines are very accurate - but as mentioned - must be careful when grinding any of this resin …




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5 hours ago, absmiami said:

Gramps. gonna take you out of your comfort zone - gonna have to do a sports car with Sebring markings - AND - gonna forbid you from entering one of the GT40s - as you could make one of those in your sleep - mite I suggest the Cunningham 904 ??  Or maybe one of the privateer GTOs ??  ??

Bingo - the Cunningham Porsche 904 is an excellent suggestion, I will take it and run with it.  I can even send you up to REVS for detail photos.  All I really need is the font for the number #37.


Now the question is which body to use?


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