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I know, I know... I need another project as much as a gorilla needs a typewriter. But I am fresh off the Goodguys Nashville Nationals and I saw some crazy cars and trucks and I have some free time (read two weeks off).

Now, I know this would sound somewhat crazy coming from a guy that builds mostly model As and Deuces models, but I love building uncommon kits that I almost never see at shows. Combine that with an absolutely stunning LS motor I got from Texas 3D customs and a new project was born. 

  The Texas3d engine is amazing in detail, altho it's fiddly stuff. The ignition coils and the corresponding wires are molded as one piece with the heads and valve covers. I personally would have preferred plain valve covers with the brackets with the coils separate, but since it is done this way, I decided that it would actually make it easier painting the whole thing assembled. 

Here it is in all it's black glory (it was Tamiya primed before that)



As it often happens with real hot rods sometimes a vehicle is build around an engine. This is the case here. I was wondering what to use that motor in. So I went through my boxes full of models in my garage and came up with Testor's model of the Boyd's Hauler, aka the Van Halen truck. Mine is missing the engine, which made this choice so much easier and the side mirrors. 

I decided since I am updating the engine, that I can slightly refresh the interior too. The dash was basically completely redesigned and rebuilt. Gone is the multiple square boxes design of the original Chevy C1500.



It was covered in nice jet black "Leather", to keep up with today's trends.



The seats were done in two tone black and burgundy and the handrest is all black. These are the standard kit parts.



The interior tub was assembled and done in the same fashion - black with burgundy accents. Then it received black flocking.



Quick mockup of the interior, minus the dash. It will still need details on the doors, pedals (going with three of them vs the kit's two), the necessary shifter and the dash to be figured out.



And that's where we at... LOL... Actually not quite. The body has been painted white pearl. I'm going to play with more paint now.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned. 

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Posted (edited)
On 5/25/2023 at 7:43 PM, espo said:

Great looking interior textures. Look forward to seeing your build. 


14 hours ago, Zippi said:

Looking good so far.  


7 hours ago, slusher said:

nice interior, I like the seat color..

Thanks guys.

The engine is giving me one helluva time. Not the engine itself, but fitting it in the truck.

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15 hours ago, KWT said:

Nice! I was actually just thinking about that combo on a build I'm trying to plan out right now.

Thank you. I always wanted to build a white hot rod with red flames and this truck was the perfect bed or experimmenting with the color combo.

13 hours ago, redscampi said:

Very nice! How did you mask the flames?

You've practically built an entire well thought out model in the time it takes me to decide which pants to wear.

Thank you.

Sometimes an idea pops in my head and I need to act upon it or it will never materialize.

The flames were masked with a modified Lazy Modeler vinyl mask for some leadsled, don't remember which one of his sets. I got it off e-bay. I like his stuff, but don't like that all his masks basically use the same exact flame pattern (with some small exceptions).

12 hours ago, David G. said:

Great looking interior, love the color combinations.

The flame work is excellent too, nicely done!

David G.

Thank you David. 

Now comes the part I hate with a passion - rubbing out the clear to even everything out, while trying not to go through the clear coat.

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