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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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Wow!  An update.  Kewl.  (Be still, my heart.)  That window insert & frame looks great!   :)


Glad to see you got some bench time in on this one, Chris.  It's been feeling neglected.  It even made a call to the Lonely Army Funny Car Hotline . . .  :(



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Chris, great to see some updates, getting me motivated now too lol.

Ill have to update mine soon, just had a holiday over your side of the world, managed to catch friday of the nhra nationals in pomona whilst there too, that helped with motivation too lol


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Compared to other areas . works on this car. that window had to be a piece of cake. And I just ck'd ,,,and realized this build started in 2011. Really is that right ?


I cant wait to see this one finished . Modeling at its best is the only way to describe it ,,

now get cracking


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Tim... Thank you very much. That means a lot coming from you.

John... Thanks Brother.... Feels great to have that hurdle over with and now I just finished the other...lol

Scott... Thank you. It feels good to be making progress on this one.

Henry... Thank you.

Joe... You are right that it will be a bummer to cover it up with paint.... but gotta try and make it look as close as I can to the real thing...lol

Brad... Thank you. I couldn't agree more that this was the best way to get the thickness to look in scale. plastic would of been way too thick for sure.

Bob.. thank you very much. I am chipping away at it that's for sure. Hope to make some more progress over the weekend.

Mike... Thank you very much. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back at the bench with this one. Now if I could just build a little faster... haha

Danno... Thank you. Yes it was neglected for way too long but I think she's happy now that I am working on her again...lol I have to finish this one.....

Art... Thank you very  much my friend.

Ray... Thank you!!.

Romell... Hey man its great to see you back here. Thank you for the kind words. I am looking forward to seeing you post more of your builds.

Brent... Thank you very much.  It feels great to have motivation back in this build. So cool that you were able to catch some racing at Pomona. I would love to get back there for a race myself.

Dave R.... Thank you so much my friend.

Bill... Thank you. Yes that is correct that I started this build back in 2011.... Its going on almost 5 years now.... Dang that's along time. I am hoping to have it done early next year and pretty much going to be just focusing on it for a while now.

Dave W.... Thank you. Feels great to be back on it.

Clayton... Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words.

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Alright Fellas... Got some more work done on this guy. I had to go back and fix my tin work yet again because I needed to bridge the gap between the body tin and window. So needless to say I am very happy at the moment to have it done and behind me. So now I can move onto other parts of this build. Here are some pics to show what I had done to it....

I first started by adding extra material on to the tins. I did this by placing the body tin into the body and with the window in place, I basically made a puzzle of pieces to fill the gap that I had... started out with some .010" thick plastic... .020" thick... seeing what would pass thru the gap and what would not at the different areas. Once I got what I liked I super glued the parts in place and created what you see here:


Here is the back side of the body tin that was sanded down prior to any body work:


Next I added 2 part body filler to the areas that I had added material:

Here is the back side with body filler:

Here is the body filler sanded down and ready for paint:

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Here is the back side after sanding the body filler:


Here is a shot of the back window and now that I fixed the tins you can't see it sticking in one of the window slots like before. Which was the reason I pushed it to the side and haven't worked on this for so long. I got really discouraged because of having to redo the tins yet again. But I wish that I would of not waited so long to fix it because the fix was way easier than I thought it was going to be:


Here is a shot of the inside, I know its not the best shot but trying to show the nice fit of the tin to the window:


Here is another shot of the back so you can see the fitment of the tin to the window:


So I have to apologize first on this pic. I was having major troubles getting this shot focused and the right angle to show with the real car. I am still learning my new camera and I have a ways to go with it...lol But I wanted everyone to see what  I was trying to achieve with the back window to look as close to the real car as I could get it. I know its not perfect but I am very happy with it:


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Clayton... Thank you very  much. As mentioned before I am trying capture as much of the detail that I can. I know its not perfect but good enough for me at this point...lol

Brad... Thank you my friend. You are right about how we dread certain tasks because we think its going to be a total pain in the butt. Then when you actually sit down to take a look at it and figure out a game plan, it really wasn't as bad as you thought. I will have to see if I have a pic of the tin that was protruding into the window which caused me to shelf it for a while...lol  Oh I forgot to answer your question whats next on the to do list.... Well I am going to draw up some of the linkages  that I need to have 3D printed and was planning on making the metal pieces that attach to the bottom of the funny car body above the headers. If you want I can post a pic of what I am talking about. Then I am thinking about tackling the snorkle piece on the body that is the black piece you see around the blower.


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Tim.. Thank you so much. I think it is so easy for us as modelers to put something aside because at the time we aren't able to see the easy solution because we have let it rattle our cage a little. So with putting it aside and then coming back to it, It really wasn't that bad of a fix Taking it head on. Now on to better things for this build...lol

Mike... Thanks Pops!! :lol:

Brent... Thank you. I couldn't agree more about when things turn out to be a breeze. When I first noticed the fix that I had to do, I was thinking I was going to have to redo  a lot of the tin work and since I had already redone it once. I was really frustrated with it and put it aside. Wish I wouldn't of put it aside for so long.

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