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Pick-up truck want list  

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  1. 1. What brand pick-up do you want produced

  2. 2. What style truck bed

  3. 3. Cab type

  4. 4. 4x4 or 2x4

  5. 5. Engine type

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some old school trucks dodge power wagons from the 40's or heres a great one 37 chevy like the old obs puller? :wub::rolleyes:

That green one with the Miller logos on the doors has the cab from the '37 puller kit. The chassis is going to end up on another resin International pickup, reworked to a '66 model. Well, that's the plan right now, anyway.

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The problem I had with the choices Darin is that I wanted one of each possibility! I would settle for just about any of them and if any of them come to be, I hope the resin aftermarket would come to our rescue with conversion parts.

Let's hope that the trucks announced last week sell well for the manufacturers and gives them insight for new, late model kits.

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I showed this one several years ago here . It's a Revell 1929 Ford Model A street rod kit where I raided a few parts from a 1929 Ford A by A M T to get a stock truck . The crane was scratch built to resemble a Weaver manufactured crane. Ed Shaver


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Which brings up another subject- early trucks. When Revell brought out its new Nova kit, everybody pretty much forgot all about the old AMT kit. I really do think if Revell tooled up a '67/'68 C-10, it would sell. Not even a Chevy guy, but I'd buy 'em. I'd be happy with a few reissues of the long-lost ones, like that F-100 unibody. :rolleyes:

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Sorry I read into it as modern trucks.

I've got to admit to a vintage bias myself. I'd love to see some modern fullsize trucks, but I think I'd be even happier to see some of the gaps in older trucks filled in.

1930s Chevy / GMCs, 1942-47 and 1957-66 Fords, and 1929-71 Dodges. I wouldn't object to seeing something from the independants either REO, IH, Studebaker etc.

Anyway on to my trucks (some of these are worked over diecasts, due to unavailability of plastic)






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I'm not quite finished with this yet, mainly because I was not intending on doing any final assemblies until I stripped the paint. It will probably end up staying this way now though until I figure a safe way to extend the diecast frame to not only support the cab but be long enough for a rollback wrecker bed as well. And if you didn't already figure it out by the mention of the frame, it is a diecast!


Yes, I do consider this a pickup, too, a BIG BOY'S pickup!! :lol:

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Chevy Silverado, painted with a brush and built many, many years ago. This is my 4th model.


'56 Ford, painted with spray can and built in many years ago too. It has blower under the hood, and tried to do bit like Gasser style, but I front end is bit damaged somehow, because it's not high in this picture as it was when I finished it.


And this Farm-Pickup. Scratchbuilt frame, etc.


And one WIP project.

'65 Stepside Mild Custom.


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