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What are the worst kits you've ever built?

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Here are my top 10:

10. Lindberg 40' Ford Coupe - being this was a Pyro's clone of the AMT kit, and a really messy one, it is buildable if not using 50% of whats in the box.

9. AMT/MPC Dukes General Lee Charger - Previous issues were a mess (expecialy the 2007 release). The newest release by Round 2 fixes some major issues with the body and decals, but the rest is still a mess and it's worth getting a Revell 69' Charger kit, but using the '68 body (as it's a hardtop not a vinyl top the 69 is) and the rest of fthe dukes parts to make it into a superb Lee.

8.AMT/MPC/ERTL 69' & 73 Mustang Mach 1 kits - both are the excat same POS with different bodys/interiors. The 73 is a tad nicer, only because the body on the 69 is horrid (worse than Revells, though the only thing wrong with that one is the shape of the front nose & grille).

7. AMT F&F 70' Charger - If you though when I said the General Lee kit was bad, believe me when I say how shatty THIS variant is. It's worse than the GL and thankfully was only released once. The grille dosen't fit like Jesica Alba's recent plastic surgery, the blower parts are nothing more but shapes of horse dung w/ chrome plating; and the rest barely repersents the 1:1 car.

6. AMT/ERTL Lamborghini Diablo - The ill-fittng one piece glass unit is the real killer of this kit.

5. AMT/Polar Lights 64' Pontiac GTO - As i've previously mentioned in one of the topics on here, the only good thing this kit is good for is the chassis, interior, suspension/exhaust units, and maybe the wheels/tires, to restore/update an old AMT GTO annual or the current 65' goat kit. The body and motor on the PL kit are reccomended as scrap parts to test out paint on. Get the Revell-Monogram kit if you want a accurate Goat.

4. AMT/MPC 69 Camaro Z28 Coupe/Convertables - When the body was restored (poorly) in the mid- 80s after it's life as the 69 Firebird (which isn't as bad TBH), the body on the convertable is not-so-good, but the coupe body is horendorus on all accounts! The rest of of the kit is so-so, being it's shared with the firebird (and even carrying it's engine and steering wheel, among other things).

Monograms attempt from the 70's is bad, but miles ahead of this one!

3. MPC Ice Cream Truck Show Rod - Stay away, FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!!

2.Revell Porsche 50's Speedster - Could be buildable if the body was a SINGLE piece unit rather than that horrid, warped multipiece body.

And now... Numero ONO!!

AMT/ERTL 66' Mustang GT coupe -

(Sorry I keep using that - it's just too funny not to post... expecally when over THAT kit!!)

I've heard of more Pyro, IMC, and oldie revell kits. But most of those i've never built, so maybe U guys prolly have.

I've told you my worst kits i've ever built, now lets hear yours!

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I will preface my comment here by saying that my number 1 favorite kit is the AMT 50 CHEVY PICK UP.

Now that you know that, I can tell you that most of my disappointment with kits have been, in general, all AMT kits . . . the early Fords and some 50s Chevys.

I don't know, and I ain't blaming those kits . . . maybe it's been all my fault in that I have very little patience with ill-fitting kits . . .

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ok here's a few that I can think of

Number 1 Lindberg 40' Ford Coupe,Can you say craptacular,I knew it waqs time to stop when I broke out the palm sander to help fix the body.

Number 2 Ah yes this one or both since there the same kits with just the grill added for the second one AMT/MPC Dukes General Lee Charger,AMT F&F 70' Charger,the only way I could make that a nice kit was scrap the chassis system and grab the on from AMT's 1969 Road Runner/GTX/SuperBee kits.

Number 3 Revellograms VW BUG KITS lots ok clean up and new fire wall to start.

thats all I can think of right now

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I have the '48 Lincoln; I opened the box, looked at it, test-fit a few parts, and it promptly went to the back of the closet on the bottom. I might have to find a pack of Black Cat fircrackers for that one.


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The worst Kits I have bought are:

1: Lindberg 32 Ford Roadster Pickup, a TOTAL Desaster of a Kit!

2: Lindberg T roadster Pickup!

3: Lindberg 67 Chevell!

4: AMT General Lee!

5: AMT 34 Ford Sedan Terrible Body, but it does have a good Flathead for the Time period The kit came out!

6: AMT Chevy Caprice kit with the trailer, more like a toy than a serious model car kit!

I have had other bad kits, but these are the ones I remember most for their poor quality!



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4. AMT/MPC 69 Camaro Z28 Coupe/Convertables - When the body was restored (poorly) in the mid- 80s after it's life as the 69 Firebird (which isn't as bad TBH), the body on the convertable is not-so-good, but the coupe body is horendorus on all accounts! The rest of of the kit is so-so, being it's shared with the firebird (and even carrying it's engine and steering wheel, among other things).

Monograms attempt from the 70's is bad, but miles ahead of this one!

I'll see you on that and raise you for ALL of the 60's through early 90s F bodies from MPC/AMT! I have not and will not ever buy any Gen 1, 2, or 3 Camaro from MPC/AMT and the only ones of the POS Trans Ams (since I'm a BIG T/A fan!) I have in my collection that I have (un)willingly bought are the 69, the 79 10th Anniversary, and the 80 Indy Pace car Trans Ams. I have yet been able to find an affordable stock 79-81 Monogram T/A, that's the only reason those are in my collection.

Also, while on the subject of Trans Ams and BLEEPY kits, I'll throw the biggest pile of you know what I have ever seen into the mix, the Fujimi 1979 Trans Am!


This thing a not only a disgrace to itself, it's a disgrace to the Firebird/Trans Am name! I do have to admit, the body is not too awful, but the rest of the kit is one of the old 80s era motorized toy pieces of junk. The interior is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shrunken, half of the steering wheel goes THROUGH the floorboards! Of course, no engine and no real chassis detail either, since it was intended long ago as a motorized "toy", and one of the times I wish I had read the model magazines I had in my hand at the hobby shop! The day I bought this POS, I just so happened to buy my regular modeling reading material, and one of the magazines had a review of this pile of junk in it, and if I had read that review before leaving the shop, my $25 would have went for something else!

EDIT: By the way, at least AMT got something right with the 4th Gen F bodies! I actually prefer them to the Revellogram 4th Gens!

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Tom, I almost bought that Caprice with car trailer at HL. Was wondering if it was any good. Is the trailer worth getting the kit? are there any usable parts, or is the whole thing junk? I can get it for about 10 bucks with 40% off.


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i personally love the caprices as i have all the years but the 71 and 72,and their lack of serious detail make them perfect candidates for demolition derby cars. but getting back on topic my worst kit would have to be the revell 56 f100, i made it 1/3 of the way through building it and it wouldnt go together at all so it got slammed against the wall, shattering it in a 100 pieces. and kenb the caprice isnt really that bad of a kit, its just an old promo tooling, fun and easy to build but lacks in the detail department

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What is our criteria? Fit? Accuracy? Lameness? Engineering? Or are we looking for an all around champion? How about the single worst kit from each manufacturer?

These are my kits and I consider the age of the kit as a compensating factor. Some of the 50s stuff like the 48 Lincoln Continental I give a pass on. It is buildable even though it is difficult. It was tooled in the 50s by an independent manufacturer that wasn't subsidised by Detroit promo production. It was the first 1/25 scale classic car kit I know of.

Revell - Austin, Henry J, Willys PU gassers Revell had their worst stuff in the 70s and these were the worst of the worst. Maybe those awful Camaro funny cars were as bad.

AMT - Peanut 1 funny car from 1976 Topical stuff is usually bad but this was really lame! Only slightly worse than some of those early 70s idiotic showrods.

Monogram - 69 Camaro Monogram kits always were buildable but sometimes they messed up in shape and proportion.

MPC Jolly Roger - Amongst so many stupid models MPC did they made some great ones but this was stupid is as stupid was! Almost a tie are the Gridiron Grabber/Hardhat Hauler excretions - 1/20 and NO usable parts for anything else. If you can't even be a parts donor than there is no use for it! At least the Barris T buggy has a nice Corvair engine in it!

Jo-Han - I loved Jo-Han kits. No turkeys here!

IMC 1965 Ford GT - So ambitious and fell short. Display with the doors open since they won't fit EVER when closed.

Aurora Maserati 3500 - Again so ambitious but it wouldn't go together.

Heller Mercedes 500k - I am building one just to get my macho badge. Worst kit conception and engineering EVER! Shape was accurate but how could a mortal model builder build it?

Lindberg, Pyro - Oh, never mind!!!!

Palmer - It's not nice to pick on the handicapped.

Tamiya - Not going to happen!

Fujimi Veilside Porsche - Shrunken resin skirting and spoilers which have to be lengthened to fit the too tall injection molded body and too small wheels.

Everyone has their favorite worst kits and these are mine.

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I've been working on and off on a Model King Torino Nascar car. There are so many issues with the chassis - both fit and accuracy. It's the worst fitting kit I can remember doing right now. BUT it has been a great learning experience for me as I have scratch buillt parts and test fitted and test fitted and test fitted without yet throwing into a wall. I'm proud of myself and when (if) this car makes on the display shelf, I will look at with satisfaction and pride.

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The Revell Henry J, AMT Rat Packer Chevy II and the old Revell 57 Chevy with all the opening doors and windows were my biggest pains. The Revell IMSA Monza/Camaro/Mustang kits are also particualry nasty.

The AMT 66 Mustang, and the 73 Cougar I have been able to make nice models from with a lot of customizing and kitbashing, and they are perfectly suited for that.

I have the AMT 67 GTO and the Revell 56 F-100 in my stash, so thanks for the heads up on those.

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There are a few kits I've tried building, and the parts fit and location was so poor I didn't want to waste my time going any further, so I stopped:

1) The early '80s issue of AMT's '32 Ford Roadster. Horribly blob-like early Hemi, ill-proportioned body, solid axles, turd brown plastic, etc. The only good parts I remember are the wire wheels and maybe the grille shell.

2) Heller Renault 5 rally car- never even started assembling it, as it was so bad.

3) Revell Chevy Monza IMSA. Parts location is horrible, nothing is crisply molded, you get the lovely soft plastic two-piece wheels (ugh!), and typical Ceji-era Revell quality throughout.

4) Though I love most of Monogram's musclecars, I find their early '70s stuff to be not so good. Kits like the Bad News sedan delivery really turned me off to actually building many Monogram show rod and custom kits.

5) Just about anything MPC ever did, save for the '69 Olds and re-tooled '70 Super Bee kits. How can you picture the Mopar recall wheels on the box art and NOT INCLUDE THEM INSIDE THE BOX!?!?!? I never did like the vague parts fit on the few MPC kits I built (Ram Tuff monster truck, '74 Cuda Pro Street, '69 Daytona, etc.)

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