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Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now

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Turns out the Revell Ford Six Wheeler pickup isn't alone; check this bad boy out!

The engine is supposedly a 350 turbo diesel; would be interesting to crack it open and find out! Unfortunately, this is one of pj-toys' offerings...

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The spinner gun received a "welding tip" of plastic. The spinning created heat via friction. The welding tip melted into the two pieces to be joined. Put a new tip on when the old one was used up. A single tip would make about a 3" long bead. It was not that hard with a little practice. I think I was 12 or 13 when I built mine.


Wow! The wonders of technology! :D

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The Boondock is a Race/Rally car. I call them the Desert race or Desert Rally series

Think Baja 500/Baja 1000

The Characters in the car don't look Latino to me so I don't count them in the 'South Of The Border' series

I have 3 from that series including the Buick!

The other 2 are "El Ranchero Grande" 62 Falcon Ranchero

and 'Tourista Turismo' 62 Galaxie hardtop.

The decal sheet was identical in all of the series. It included all the kit names, generic numbers and different

number boards, ie flamed box/rectangle on the Buick box above.

Wish this series could be re-issued!

Or at least the cars in the series. Too many were destroyed

ie 'Mexicali Mudlark' 66 Buick Skylark

I do not remember the original tires in my 2 Boondock Bombers being White walls

like in the box art

This 59 Buick could Only be built Stock!!

The Ranchero had Some custom parts.

I do not remember if the Galaxie was 1 or 2 option. Too Long ago, and I am not sure

where the instruction sheet is now!!

I think the Thunderbird could be re-issued, and we Did get the Caliente from Model King

a few years ago.

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Me Too!!!!

Wish they had found it when they did the Imperial

Here is mine. It started as the Boondock Bommer kit!!!


Windshield frame is now from a Monogram 59 Impala!!

Might use the interior from that too. Just try to modify it to Buick patterns

Note the added Electra 225 rocker trim!!

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Dan, here's one I was working on with the '59 Chevy interior and other accessories. The tub in the Buick body is much narrower so you will have to hollow it out a bit on either side. You already have the windshield frame in place. Above are a few photos of my work to date. Mine was a really bad resin body. I also didn't like the one piece bumper / rear pan on the Buick, so I molded in the pan from the '59 Chevy. I used it's rear bumper and even the connie kit. The big challenge in using the Chevy interior will be getting the Buick dashboard in place. I don't have a picture, but I hollowed out the Chevy unit and set the Buick dash inside of it for the extra width and to mate up with the windshield frame. Hope this helps!

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ALL AMT Annuals save those that only were offered as Hardtop/sedan or Wagons had a Convertible

Interior. AMT issued the Convertible first then the Hardtop leaving the interior tub unchanged.

I Have Too many of those Oldies to not know that!!

I have already fir the 59 Impala interior into the Buick body.

I did have to file the chassis plate & underside of the interior to allow it to fit.

My Buick kit had a Separate Roll pan under the bumper

It is not easy to see here. and more so since the chrome has faded off the bumper.


I added the backup lights. they are Aluminum tube & clear rod filed to rough shape

I need parts for my Galaxie. (And to find the box or instruction sheet.

But I Am working to restore it

Here is a pic. Only have that one hubcap


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I'm not sure how obsucre this one is, but it surprised me when I got it. AMT apparently used the Jo-Han tooling for the Jo-Han '73 Javelin kit, because the AMT '74 Javelin is IDENTICAL to the Jo-han with the exception of the tail light panel, Ignore the Matador kit in the picture, i picked it up along with the AMT Javelin, The Jo-Han kit is the Red one, the AMT is in White.





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Yea that happened when Jo-han went out of business and AMT bought either the tooling or kits already produced. I think it was the second.If you do want to let either one of the Javelins go,I will try to work something out with you.

Austin, I'm not letting those babies go, I'm a '73/'74 Javelin hoarder, I love that car! If I could ever get the reference pics I want , I'll tackle correcting the horrible chassis and building a few of 'em myself!

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