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Hello...1989 called...Thay want the truck back! An old build.

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I didn't clean it very well. Back in the day I thought I was really doin somthing. Boyd's paint,don't

know what clear. working arm rests, and that killer costom bed cover! Of corse it's Pro/street!

Molded the rear roll pan-W/WOOD PUTTY!

And decals from a Revell VW. This was the first one I "rubbed out" W/Novus.-Still a lot of peel.

Don't mind the wax in the lines-It has a splatter painted base too! OHH,AHH

First model I entered a show with. I think I got third place. I was hooked! Like totally man!


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Wow, very nice build. If you happen to remember, where did you get those rims?


I think I got them from a Revell 55 Chevy pro sportsman drag car-Carpenter?? or somthing like that.


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Great build, and thank you for that great topic title! Reminds me of an old issue of Car Modeler with the Eddie Van Halen-themed pickup. Bleh.

It was SAE... not the new SAM. First model mag I ever bought at the tender age of 16
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