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1953 Ford F100

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Another older, curbside build using Sikkens automotive base and clear coats, fine sanded and polished, as usual. I stripped the chrome grille and painted it, drilling out the headlights and replacing them as I went. I scratch built the mirror and bed gate chains, made the steering poseable and used Satco tyres.

I sanded the scripts off the hood, hoping to replace them with chrome decals from the company I worked for at the time but, unfortunately, this never quite happened.


IMG_2438-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


IMG_2442-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


IMG_2441-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


IMG_510-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

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Great day in da morning, someone here really bothers to get details correct !

Now make note , this truck is an example of what was known as a Deluxe cab.

What Ed said...x2

Nice to see a white painted grill too.

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Thanks so much everybody.

Any more pictures of the bed load and, maybe, the engine?

I don't have more pictures of the bed load. Actually the load is there to cover the bed floor which I'm going to re-do with a new improved method. Maybe I'll take some new shots when that's done.

This is another curbside with the hood glued shut. The main reason I do this is because once I get started detailing an engine bay I know it's going to take a loooooong time till that model is finished.

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