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service / gas station diorama


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thnx guys !!

and thnx brad , my english is pretty good , but sometimes i just dont know how to call something :) lol , not often but sometimes ... this was one of those times , i will try to remember this , bung hole .....

and manny thnx !! and yes you are right ... i do feel there is still fresh meat .. when i sometimes go to a bog modelstore i do see kids who buy or want to go in with their dad and are like whow look dad ...

my son is 9 years old and from his own birthday money he bought a revell snap tite kit of a corvette .. he really wanted to and it was not real cheap .. so i asked a few times are you sure ?? , yes yes ....he said ..

whell the kit is still unbuild .. i said we can sit down and build together .. you do the work and if you ... but you know he seems enthousiastic but in the end he needs to come and say i'm gonna build it or dad want to help me ..

if i force him to sit down and do it that not the way i guess ...

he does build like crazy on lego's , he has a hudge box full , a lot is my old lego and a lot is new .. he still buys new lego .. and is pretty creative ..

in my opinion lego is a bot stepping stone towards modelbuilding ....you need to be creative if tyou want to build something not out of the box ..

so for now ....his revell box is collecting dust .. i think and hope in a while he will get into it .. not going to push him , everybody needs to findtheir own passion

now this made me think of myself , i'm 38 years old .... back when i was like 8 i went to the modelstores with my dad , my dad doesnt build kit but he builds ships from cartboard and plastic , all scrapp stuff , he build a whole harbour .. he works oin a big harbour crane himself and my dad owned a ship back in the days .. i even lived on a ship when i was a baby till 4 years old ..

but going to the modelstores with my dad , and i cant remember a lot from the past in detail but that i do , that gave me a magical feeling all those cars and models and ... that was just special , i think a lot of kids get the whow factor in a shop..

the atmosphere and all ..

so the man in the shop on 2 occassions gave me a simple small kit for free , that was the way back then to get young people enthousiastic ..

i cant remember what type of kits they where but i do feel i glued it together like kids do hahahaha

so in a rare occasion a few years later i glued the parts of a plane kit together that ended up in the trashcan ...

never did i really started building ....

when i got married .. and my son was a baby .. so 9 years ago i drove a kawasaki motorcycle .. and neir here was a small hobby supplies shop (sadly its gone now) with a backroom full of modelkits .. so i bought a bike raceteam truck and whell it didnt became much ......

but after a injury i was at home for like 8 months and was bored so i bought a few cans of foam like building insulation foam..

put boxes on a plate and sprayed mountains and painted them like rock .. added trees .. and to be hounest that wasnt half bad .. (no pics)...

my whole life i lived in apartments like high build , always dreamt of a house with a garden and one day me and my wife bought this house .. from good old 1928 (i love old houses) , big garden (for dutch standards) a shed ..

in that shed i kind of tinkered on motorcycles and one day i got a 1/18 die caqts car a packard .. and since i got stung with the hotrod virus , helped by the internet , because when that came a whole new world opened ...

and i made a hotrod out of that found a dutch model forum ... people loved it and from there i bought a few die-casts in 1/18

and i re build them with altered bodys and new paint .. learned a lot of that ..

on that forum i found the plastic 1/24 -25 kits so awsome and one day i bought myself a 1/25 ford kit and build my own hotrod ..

then i was sold and became styrene addicted haha

now what i always have had is when i see other people do stuff just by seeing and inspiration i fairly quackly pick up things ..

and in a short time people reacted really enthousiastic on things i build ...that in turn gets you more enthousiastic yourself , like i must be doing something right lol

in a short time i learned a lot and got more into building .. untill i found a dutch guy who builds garage dioramas , called wilco's dioramas .. i went nust seeing that and desided to start my own garage ..

then found this website and this site .. lets say i am thankfull that i found this because what i saw here .. most dutch people are not really into hotrods or .. most like modern cars , trucks and a lot of army stuff .. here a whole new world opened , all the rods , dios , musscle cars etc ... some builders here inspired me and then ...i just kept building and building :)

so really building hmm maybe i'm really a modelbuilder now since 2008 .. and i'm 38 years old .. so there is hope that older people also will keep this hobby alive haha

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yes i understand :) this was my first one out of brass and my one goal was to make it not to modern looking , i didnt google for old oild barrels but i reconed i use loose trips .. that to me fitted better in the old way .. i did thought about trying to make a real tight and modern one some day !!

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started on the "promised" details ,

the graveyard .... started some dressing up , tried to use stuff that gives a old feel and also maybe more agricultural

the glue was not dry and some paint was just aplied on the pics so thats what is shiney , that will dry up ..

placed the barrel , a ford rear fender , old iron bend plate (is actual metal) , old iron wheel thing , old rack


close up again shiney will dry up , the bung added in the barrel :)




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With all that copper you could make ya a Moonshine still. (And make me one while your at it!)

hahaha yes you are right .. now why did you have to plant that idea in my head ?? omg how cool of a dio would that be like a secret moonshine still in the woods with a pickup truck in there ...

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since its weekend ... >>

added a old fan housing


by placing it in front it adss some depth


now working on a battery used copper paint for the contacts .. when thats dry i can do the box it self


and started a backside for the sign , like a weather vain idea


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thnx manny , yes i dont really know what that tyre came from but it sat on a truck rim .. it def is bigger then a 1/24 truckscale :)

painted and weathered the addition to the sign , fotoshopped the background away ... my wife was taking a nap on the couch , not the best shot hahahahahaha


added some smalls in the graveyard > put a ford taillight on the fender , added 2 valvecovers , a radiator , put a hook on the fence maybe i can hang like a chain on that later on and added a rusty header ...

i had more but i'm very selective what i put in , most things that seemed cool did not look that great .. it needs to look like general stuff trown in the corner .. not like to staged


shots in the daylight outside


above the left pole beside the pumps i added a old style anouncement speaker , could play some music for the customers also haha

i will add some wiring to that later ..

also need to build some lighting , like spotlights and stuff



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added a tyre and a rim and tyre , only glued in place will get some washes later


close up , the rust methos is i think the most realistic result i ever achieved ..


i was not happy with the gravel , the tone went to much towards the rust of the rusted parts , so i redid that more khaki , the dirt is sanded slightly and made a tad more matte again


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Richard, you continue to make this diorama better and better with each new added detail. If I may, I'd like to suggest that for the tire that you have laying on the ground, try to use a hollow tire, and make sure that there are no shiny spots on it anywhere, not even in the treads. You could even have the tire leaning against something being slightly upright, and have some clear epoxy puddled inside the hollow tire as if water from rain accumulated inside the tire.

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thnx richard!!

and yes i understand what you mean exactly , the fact was this tyre looked great lying there , my plan was to put some stuf inside the tyre to hide the inside .. and the shiney part , i sanded and filed my ....off and still had some shiny parts ..

but with some washes i think i can get rid of those :)

but your idea of the hollow tyre and some water inside is way cool , but i dont think i have any tyres that look that realisticly hollow in the inside ...

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sunday :) .....

i was looking in the partsboxes and found the front window of the wreck ,, that needed to be fitted from inside .. so i filed and sanded the edges of until it just fitted in from the front , then made cracks and holes in the front window


since that tyre was not hollow , i wanted to put in some scrap parts but when i tryed this steelie i liked that better , rusted the steelie and made it more orange , trying to get a few different rust toned so its not all the same ...

gave the wheels a wash so they look dirty and fit in better


overall vieuw , you can also see the horn speaker on the front of the building :)


edit > update

i made a styrene frame and covered that with canvas , like a wind cather , painted the canvas red and gave it a coat of poweder , i want to add something on it and make it look dirty with a wash , also i will ad strings from the canvas to the frame


made a large tub , the tub itself is actually from duplo lego , sawed of the bottom , the grills on top are made from boxes they use in a labratory


better vieuw on the windcatcher , the tub just sits loose there didnt decided where to put it yet



Edited by crazyrichard
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last weekend update :)

the boneyard is quite finished , or at least i got the feeling its just about right and i got to watch out not to overdo it with putting stufff there

added a old straight six , the tub with on top a old fan , 2 weathered valve covers and a wooden plank , last a texaco skychief gasoline sign on the fence




some fun shots with a female figure i had ... not the most realistic one but in this evening light its kind of convinsing enough to make some fun pics




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my son is 9 years old and from his own birthday money he bought a revell snap tite kit of a corvette .. he really wanted to and it was not real cheap .. so i asked a few times are you sure ?? , yes yes ....he said ..

whell the kit is still unbuild .. i said we can sit down and build together ..

When my daughter was young we built a few models together. I took my work bench and drew a line down the center. One side was mine, one side was hers. I bought her the Ghostbusters car for Christmas. Her favorite part was painting parts, and I suspect being with Dad. I never pushed her, I'd wait until she asked if we could work on her car tonight. I never said no! So I'd work on my side on my project and she worked on hers. I'd offer advise and support, and when it came to assembly, I'd show her how to do it, then ask her to do it. She stuck with it and we got the car done!

Fast forward, that was a long time ago. She's now 30 and the Ghostbuster car is in my display case. Forever a memory!

And Richard, you are one of the younger modelers at 38! Most of us are much older than you!

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