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Last winter I got these two 1/56 scale Revell 42 ft. Chris*Craft Flying Bridge cabin cruisers, one was an old built glue bomb and the other kit is complete and mint. I'm going to call it repurposed instead of scratch built or fabricated.


Took the built boat apart, cut the hull down so it would now be a 14' aluminum fishing boat in 1/25 scale






Right now it's been taken apart for paint and detailing,

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I started one of those using another vintage boat kit. Never got so far as you... especially the O.B. motor build up. But I like what you did. The key to a successful build is the paint so I cannot wait to see how this turns out!
VERY nice so far!

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Thank you for showing interest in my model, it is an old kit. On the inside of the left (port) hull it has/had raised letters that said :

Revell INC.


copyright 1953

Being old plastic it does handle liquid welding glue just fine. The out board engine was built completely out of my parts box. As near as I can tell it includes the following parts-

The main box was a first aid box from the AMT 911 Dodge van. The side fins were from the custom chrome tree from either the AMT '62 Buick or the '61 Ford Galaxie.

The bottom drive is a trans from an AMT 1951 Chevy cut to fit and installed vertically. The rest was made from Evergreen stock. The bubble on the back of the engine that mates to the trans is the half of an air cleaner from an AMT '41 Ford woody, as is the hub cap on top that will be the re-coil for the pull start. I looked at photo etched propellers but decided against it based on the prices. So I went thru my Moms craft beads and found a 6 bladed snow flake , cut every other blade off and sanded it smooth



Then when I started making the oars, first I tried bass wood for the handles but it wasn't working out too well, I dug thru the kitchen drawer and found a package of bamboo shish kabob skewers that worked out better-the paddles are balsa.


It still needs some more things done but the project is moving ahead.

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Thanks for the positive comments, I've gotten a little more done since the last post.

Made a sub floor to cover the Evergreen strip for the keel . I think it gives a better look being a solid floor also.

Mocked up a gas tank under the rear seat-painted the engine a few days ago.

It does float- I tried it in the kitchen sink.


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Welp, I can see a run startin on them old ChrisCrafts!

If anyone is interested, there's one on eBay right now, same boat but a newer issue .


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I built some skeleton ribbing out of Plastruct 3/32 "I" beam, added black and red wire for the bow lights and white marker light on the stern .



I admit I have been dragging my feet getting this project ready for paint, was waiting for the boat license vinyl stickers from a great guy=Jeff @ G-Force Graphics

before any final body/paint could be done to make sure they fit.


Here's a set I put on a boat that came out of the Model King 1970 Pontiac Bonneville kit that was built 7 or 8 years ago.


The license looks good to me so I will start painting the aluminum boat very soon.

Thanks for looking in.

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