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KW K123 and ext. post trailer

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building a matched set, lots of orange on this one. I have added wood to the trailer floor and walls [still in process on that] other than that, it's gonna be OOB for both truck and trailer. here are some wip pic's,








still a lot to do, but getting there......

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Oh, yeah....I got some of that wood flooring you've been using, myself.....Thanks for that tip, Man....That stuff is just great for flooring....Gotta use it for some more drop deck trailers I'm gonna build.....Awesome tip....I'm stocking up....40% off smart phone coupons are the BOMB!!!! Loving Hobby Lobby, Man....

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thanks for all the positive comments so far, much appreciated. have made some more progress, trailer is about done...all the lights etc.are on it. put it in the display case for now to keep the dust off of it, when the truck is done, i'll finish up the inside of the trailer. here is where the truck itself is at as of this morning,









exhaust parts and stack supports are drying now, should be close to wrapping it up by weeks end I think. thanks for looking.

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Nice job... (The k123 is on my wishlist)

I would do a few things just a tad different.

1. those ribs down the side of the trailer i would paint silver

2. sand down the treads on the tires

3. probably throw down an extra coat of clear instead ...

edit: what did you use for the wood flooring if you dont mind me asking?... not sure if i missed it or what ?

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