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’68 Camaro


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Just read all of this thread. I can only echo what the rest of the guys have said, this is fantastic work, and I've already learned so much. Looking forward to seeing this through to the end.


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Exactly Ray. If you try to cut the decal before it is dry it might pull it or move it. (Always use a sharp knife.)

I made and added the side marker lights and door & trunk locks. The stripe decals have been “fine-tuned” as mentioned above.



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First time I've seen this thread - very cool. I would be interested in 3-4 hoods if they were ever cast.

BTW - I have seen original cars with the hood with the shorter point just as this one has. They seem to be on more of the '68s. I have also seen original cars with the longer point as in the pic of the blue car. Those hoods seem to show up more often on '67s.

There were also some very early 'stinger' hoods that only had the '67 Vette style scoop area - no front point at all (though they did still have the raised centre ridge of the regular Camaro hood).

At least two companies made original stinger hoods, Fast Glass and AA Fibreglass, that I know of.

I'm not sure if Nickey, Yenko, Motion etc had a preferred vendor, or who it was if they did.

So pleeeaaase can I get some hood copies??


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For you Steve... sure.

But this hood is already finished.

I do have the mold to make more Corvette scoops, and it isn't that big of a deal to graft a scoop onto a Camaro hood then reshape the stinger portion.

Maybe give me a call and we figure something out?

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