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1964 African Safari Comet


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Yes folks, another '64 Comet. This one is the African Safari Rally version.



Decals were once again designed by Mark "Scale Master" Jones from reference and specifications that I supplied.

The interior retains the stock front seats and interior panels. Rear seat was removed, roll bar fabricated, and spare tire, tool box, Moon tank (for windshield washer fluid), instruments and other bits added.



Hoping to get this one finished up in the next few weeks. More soon!

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very nice work. one of the car magazines did a write up on that rally when it happened. i wonder if any of those cars are still around today.

Yes, it was pretty big in the auto media when it happened: two articles in Hot Rod (Ray Brock was one of the drivers), plus some other coverage. Things didn't actually go all that well for the Comets - they were fast, but a bit too big, heavy and fragile for the conditions. They managed to put some "spin" on the story when it was published and made it look a little better than it was.

I've heard one of the cars still exists - restored, but modified and running as a vintage racer.

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Next up is adding the auxiliary spot lights on either side of the windshield. The main body of the lights will be made from the kit spotlights with added lenses from the parts box. I made some photo-etched mounting plates and shields for the lights.


Great idea Steve.

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Alright, time to add some details to the rear. I made some photo-etched parts to build the rear bumper step plates.


The center pieces were folded like this:


And the side sections added:


Then the plates were glued to the bumper. I've also added handles to the trunk, hood pins, a gas cap, and a back-up light.


More soon!

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i've seen the Frat-Bro Posi-Traction, but never knew it was a legitimate form of un-stuckery!

you've got the thermos, or rather vacuum bottles, for coffee, but have you considered a clipboard & timers? some kit had them mid-'60s, maybe even a resin version around, but it looks like you could do a better job with some styrene & gauge decals.

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