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  1. Fantastic work! Your Dad will be proud of that!
  2. Very nice work! I just love 55's!!
  3. Thank you Chris! Your 'craftsmanship is a inspiration, and educational.........Beyond expression! I enjoy this very much!
  4. Yes.......Your color choice looks perfect!!
  5. Fantastic job on this! It looks amazing!!
  6. Very nice work Mark! Your scratch building talents are amazing! Just fantastic!
  7. You done a great job......capturing the look Bill! Well done!
  8. Fantastic work Bill. Very Sharp looking! Congrats on finishing another!
  9. Fantastic! Great job on this! Well done!
  10. Wonderful work! They look real nice! I also build jets for a change of pace!
  11. It looks really nice to me! My 'pigs' never see daylight!! LOL!
  12. It looks great!! I want to build one someday!
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