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  1. Very nice work on this! It looks great!
  2. Yes....... Welcome, your Chevy looks great! Nice work on this.
  3. This is a fantastic looking 59 Impala! Very nice work on this!
  4. I second that! Very nice work on this! I love the look!
  5. It looks perfect! Nice work!
  6. Very nice work Jim! I really appreciate your desire to replicate Hot Wheels into 1/25th scale! Your T-Bird build is absolutely outstanding! I can't wait to see more of your creations.
  7. Very nice work on this! I love what you've done! Brings back good memories.
  8. You done a fine job with this! It looks great! The color is perfect.
  9. Nice work James......anymore progress on this? Need to see more!
  10. Great looking Mopar! Nice work!!
  11. Roadracer

    55 Nomad

    Nice work on the Nomad!! It definitely looks fantastic!
  12. Fantastic work on this!! You've done an outstanding job with this!
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