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  1. There are any number of model builders that inspire me, but most of my inspiration comes from 1:1 car magazines, designers/illustrators like Chip Foose, Ben Hermance, etc, and builders like Chip Foose, Steve Strope, Troy Trepanier, etc.
  2. Only when it comes to 1:24 vs 1:25 scale. 1:25 is my preferred scale. I will most likely attempt a small and/or a large scale build someday.
  3. Cool! Looks like the "Altered Ego" Comet that the guys built on Horsepower TV.
  4. Paint it with the same paint as the body and use a combo of flat and semigloss clears for effect. Or, white seats and door panels with black dash and carpets.
  5. Art, I don't think Red Devil Lye is readily available anymore. It is a major component in meth produciton and most stores no longer sell it for that reason.
  6. I have used them ever since they first came out. Scale Auto ran a two-part series by Pat Covert back in 2002 on how to use Tamiya sprays. I followed them and have mostly been successful. Occasionally I will get a bubble or three because I applied the paint too heavy. I think Scale Auto has the articles on their website.
  7. It's good to see that the stroke is not slowing you down and that you can use the hobby as physical therapy. BTW, I won your Ebay auction for the 1971 Monte Carlos and actually won two other auctions from you way back 8 or 9 years ago. I will think of you when I build them.
  8. Almost every new car on the road today shares this affliction. Look at the new Ford Taurus, Chevy Camaro, Ford F-Series trucks, etc, etc.
  9. What kits make great parts box fillers? All of them!!! Every kit I own...new or old, current or vintage, built or unbuilt, cheap or expensive, is potential parts box filler.
  10. Pro Street...think Pro Stock for the street. Tubbed rear end with big meats, skinny front tires, big engine with tunnel ram/supercharger poking thru the hood. Pro Touring...vintage musclecar with modern powertrain, suspension tuned for handling, interior upgrades for comfort/convenience. Think '69 Camaro with the heart of a 2010 Camaro.
  11. Phil, if you want a quiet air compressor, you really need to look into the Harbor Freight unit I linked to above. Can't beat it for the price.
  12. Sounds like a cool concept and one that would work in 1:1 for sure. Let's see some pics!
  13. Here's a few shots of the nearly completed interior. Painted with the same HOK Kosmic Red except over Tamiya Grey Primer and overcoated with Testors Flat and Semi Gloss clears. Flocked with Ken's Fuzzy Fur #138 Dark Red. I'm painting the Mopar Tuff steering wheel as I type this and I still need to print out and mount the gauges. Seats are resin copies of those found in the Revell Dodge Magnum kit. Enjoy!!!
  14. Unless you get a hobby compressor (Iwata, Harbor Freight) that is supposed to be quiet, they will be noisy and probably too noisy to use in the house. My Harbor Freight airbrush compressor is very quiet. Not silent, but quiet enough that it doesn't disturb anyone in the rooms next to my shop. You fire up a nail gun compressor inside your house at 11pm and you'll wake everyone up!!!
  15. There is a dealer here with a Furious Fuschia R/T Classic with the white leather seats.
  16. It would be on my list too if I were in the market right now. Challenger too.
  17. Ben, Like you, my model shop in inside my house using an extra bedroom. I have this one from Harbor Freight. It is quiet and works well. I've had mine for almost four years with no problems and the price is right. Good luck!
  18. Nice!!! What color primer did you shoot the Verdoro Green over?
  19. You will have this problem with any solvent-based filler. The solvents in the paint will react with the filler causing the ghosting.
  20. It will need a clearcoat as the Tamiya mica paints dry with a semigloss finish.
  21. Got some quality time at the bench yesterday and today. The body has been cleared with Tamiya TS-13 and is ready for color sanding. But the big suprise will be found in the pics. I have six sets of these Aoshima wheels, so I decided to shoot some Tamiya TS-26 Pure White on them so I could see how they would look compared to the 1:1 car. I like it, what do you think?
  22. Chris, I went with the 1971-style stripes to match the Pure Vision built car in my first post.
  23. No undercarriage or interior detail as it is a "slammer". What you see is what you get.
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