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  1. Just mask the outside of the glass and paint the inside. I use Tamiya TS-6 Matt Black but even good old Testors flat black enamel spray would work.
  2. Hey Cruz! Where did the Dodge Mirada come from? Must have more info on how to get one of these!!!
  3. Very nice! Where do you get the flame templates?
  4. Here's the inspiration for the build...
  5. Nice tip, but I think this stuff is a little too thick to work well IMHO. Go to an office supply store and get some report covers or clear binding covers. They are real "clear" and a better thickness to make model car glass from. And, no heat gun required to make flat.
  6. There you go! That's an easy tutone because it does not involve masking. Looks good. Next time, take some time to remove the mold seams like the ones on the front fenders near the headlights. Use emory boards to do that. You can get them in the cosmetics section at Walmart and stores like Sally Beauty Supply. Get several different grits and the ones that have multiple grits on them that go to super fine are great for polishing. This is but another technique that leads to a clean build. Keep it up!!!
  7. Donald, I would highly recommend you stick with hobby specific lacquer paints from Testors and Tamiya for future builds and practice, practice, practice. There is a good "how to" on using Tamiya paints on the "other" scale auto model website. I would recommend reading it. Even Testors and Tamiya spray paints can seem like a fire hose if not used properly. Practice and patience are your friend. Mastering the spray painting techniques is but one part of the building process. Take your time, use the right stuff, and ask questions! Hope this helps.
  8. Patience and learning experiences my friend. We all have been thru this. I'm sure someone can assist you with some tips that might help you in the future. Here's my two cents worth... My preferred masking tapes are Tamiya yellow and 3M blue painters tape for delicate surfaces. Tape must be burnished down real well. Spray your paint away from the tape edge to minimize build up and potential bleed. I recall you were using Rustoleum, Krylon or something similar. Those cans put out a lot of paint. If you ever get to the point of using an airbrush, masking and painting multiple colors becomes easier. Tape should be removed as soon as the paint tacks up. For your two tone interior, you might try painting the primary color with spray paint, then brush painting the two tone in the contrasting color with acrylic paints. Tamiya and Testors make a vast assortment of colors in their acrylic lines that are well suited to car interiors. Errors in the brush painting can be cleaned with Windex window cleaner with little or no effect on the main color. Finally, since you are a relative newcomer to the hobby, I would concentrate on getting the basics down pat before venturing into multi color paint schemes and other more advanced skills. Once you get the basics of a clean out of the box build down, then start to broaden your horizons by trying something new. You are experiencing frustration right now. This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing hobby. Work on simple paint schemes and clean assembly techniques. Master these and the rest will follow.
  9. That was Art Anderson's operation back in the 1980s thru the mid 1990s. I had not rejoined the hobby then so I missed out, but have managed to collect a few AAM resins. Nothing rare or exotic like the aforementioned Edsel wagon, Taurus wagon, or some of the other rare pieces that command big $$$ in the secondary market. Glad to have them in my collection and hope the Good Lord grants me enough time on this rock to build them all.
  10. Sprayed it too heavy. You must try for a light touch on the nozzle. Hard to do with these paints. Try 91% isopropol alcohol.
  11. Mark, based on that tan plastic I'm assuming you used one of the 1989ish AMT Z28 with the mis-shapen Rally Sport nose? Very cool build!
  12. I think they were fairly common in early Trans Am racing. This style really suits the Falcon, much like the A/FX look.
  13. Saw it too. Looks better than their previous auto offerings, but I'm glad to say I still have my AMT annual rebuilder.
  14. I love these threads. While everyone wishes that Revell or AMT would do all these modified reissues, I just sit here and smile. Because these lists look a lot like my collection of kits, builts and resins. 1967 GTO, 1968-69 Coronet, 1970 Charger, 1970 Cyclone, 1970 Trans Am...got 'em. 1966 Skylark, 1971 Demon, 1972 Dodge Charger, 1968 Chevelle...got them too. 1968 GTO, AMT Matador X, 1970 442 HT, 1974 Trans Am, 1972 Ventura...check. While every one wishes and hopes, I can build these whenever the mood strikes. If I want more details I'll bash them with newer kits but most likely I'll build them all in their full metal axle glory. Most of these are builders, some are mint kits and a few are resin. While you guys sit and wait and ponder the what ifs, I'll be building mine.
  15. They are like Chevy Novas as they share the same underbelly as the Mustang. The proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing.
  16. These are the best ones yet. It's your build, so go with what works for YOU!
  17. They are Revell sprint car tires with a whitewall insert if that helps someone find a wheel fitment.
  18. While I sit here with fingers and toes crossed, I have a nice builder AMT annual in my collection. I recall paying $32 for it in 2008. It was missing the front bumper but otherwise comeplete. It stripped clean save for some staining from the blue paint. I sprung for some fresh Modelhaus chrome and it is ready to build as soon as Trumpeter comes out with this one. I hope they get this one right for the sake of the hobby, but I'll stick with mine, metal axles and all.
  19. Way to go, Don. Be sure to use a good primer under that Krylon as that stuff can craze bare plastic.
  20. I hope to get mine a the LHS next weekend during our club meeting. I don't care what date it says on the cover and everyone else should too. As long as a new issue appears on a regular basis, I have something cool to read and enjoy for what it is, the best enthusiast mag for us model car builders.
  21. Are you looking for a non-metallic black? Tamiya TS-14 is the best rattle can black and I've heard that the gloss black in the Testors Model Master Lacquer line is pretty good too. Nothing wrong with Duplicolor except it is pretty "brown" for a black.
  22. Yeppers, they are all metallics. A clear coat tones down the effect somewhat, at least to my 50 year old bi-focaled eyes.
  23. Doctor Cranky, Thanks for the awesome videos. I created an account with YouTube so I could subscribe. I'm not new to the airbrush but I'm also far from an expert so I look forward to watching and learning. I have a Chihuahua that looks just like yours, only my Sophie weighs but 5 pounds! Looking forward to more... Marc
  24. Add up a few weeks of those 15 minute sessions and before you know, you have a finished build. It works.
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