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  1. I got my copy #207, its great to have Model Cars Magazine back ! Can't wait to see more. Thank you all for bringing it back !
  2. Looking forward to getting my issue too. Looks like it should be here any day now!
  3. What did you use to make the headlights? This came out looking real good.
  4. Gregg, got mine in Winston Salem , NC yesterday 11/21/2019. Dark GSL pictures hard to see, but glad to see the Magazine again and looking forward to seeing more issues. Thank you Patrick
  5. Just found #205 in the mail box. Great to see it and another great issue. Thank you Gregg..
  6. Have to watch this build. I have this kit and have been thinking about building it too
  7. Thank you for your dedication to the magazine, Gregg.
  8. I love this project. I will be watching the progress on this build because I would like to build the same car. Thank you all for the tips. LOOKING GREAT !!
  9. I just received #203 in the mail today. Scanned through it and it looks just as good as always. Thank you for all your hard work Gregg. GREAT JOB!!!!!
  10. Just saw this topic. When and is there the swap meet in Salisbury N.C. this year 2017.
  11. Just got mine yesterday. It is great that it comes in a plastic sleeve. Thank you Gregg.
  12. Local Barnes and Nobles has it on the shelf, but my subscription issue has not arrived yet.
  13. Awesome idea,Awesome looking car,Awesome decals. That's a great Father and Son build!
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