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  1. Slammer built with a Reliable Resin MPC 1970 Camaro annual repop. AMT 1970 Camaro annual with molded-in vinyl top detail. Enjoy!!!
  2. Just laid down some Keith Marks decal stripes. After a few days of drying, they will get buried in Tamiya TS-13 clear. Still have to apply the engine callouts and some GTX emblems. Guess I need to decide what will motivate this GTX. Enjoy!!!
  3. I got the GTX painted this week. My first airbrush job in four years. Paint is HOK Kosmic Red over Tamiya white primer base. One coat of Tamiya TS-13 clear so far that serves as a base for decal application. I'll be applying Keith Marks decals later in the week followed by more TS-13 clear. I'm starting to think those white wheels would look real good!!! Enjoy!!!
  4. The Bandit Resin hood will "fit" the new AMT Camaros but the hood from which it was mastered came from an AMT annual kit. Dencon Resins makes a cowl hood that was mastered from the kits you asked about.
  5. Zoli, this one's as cool as the other side of the pillow.
  6. Got the interior painted this weekend. Used the same House of Kolor Kosmic Red but over grey primer with semi-gloss and flat clears. Picked up some Ken's Fuzzy Fur #138 Dark Red which is a near perfect match. I cleared the firewall and inner fenders with Tamiya TS-13. The remainder of the chassis is ready for paint. Body work is completed and the body now wears Tamiya Fine White Primer and awaits final polishing before it gets covered with Kosmic Red. Enjoy!!!
  7. Sure, that is about all the time it takes to pour resin into a mold. But there is much more to resin casting than that. Jeff is a stand up guy who like nearly every other resin caster has a "real" job, family, etc, to share time with. Even Modelhaus states four to six weeks on their website. Patience, grasshopper.
  8. Did something tonight that I have not done in nearly four years. I fired up the compressor, hooked up my Paasche airbrush, and shot some HOK paint thru it. I have nearly 50 different colors of HOK paint in my shop, so I decided it was time to start using it. I also haven't used my Paasche except for detail painting. My previous airbrush jobs were done with a Testors Aztek. For the 1972 GTX, I picked HOK Kosmic Red. Here's a teaser of the color that I shot over Tamiya Fine White Primer. No clear yet, just the HOK. My LHS sells Black Gold HOK paints so I have accumulated my collection over eight years. I also have a few bottles of Cobra Colors and this summer started buying Scalefinishes.com paints. So, this one will be good practice for many more airbrush paints in 2011 and beyond. Enjoy!!!
  9. Looks like a kissing cousin to this one...
  10. Been working on the 1972 GTX all weekend. For starters, I have the bodywork completed and primer applied. The 1971 side markers have been filled, seam lines removed, and glue damage repaired. While the paint stripped clean, there was significant glue damage behind the rear window and on the front cowl where the glass was attached. Some glue even ran down the left rear quarter and did some damage. I removed the molded-in "440" callout on the Bandit Resin hood. A HEMI will reside under that hood so I will resort to decals for the "HEMI" callout. I am using the original kit's chassis. This kit was built without an engine so glue damage was very minimal. I started with smoothing the inner fenders, then I added a strip of .060" styrene so the inner fenders would mate with the body. Resin cast shock towers were added. Smooth underhood details are the norm with custom street machines these days. Great pains are taken to hide all wiring, fuel lines, etc. The smoothing was carried thru to the firewall. I removed the molded in brake booster and master cylinder and replacement parts and a wiper motor were found in an AMT 1971 Charger R/T kit. That's it for tonight's update. More to come...
  11. A B-Body Mopar Build Off has begun on the Spotlight Hobbies forum. My entry is a 1972 Plymouth GTX. I'm starting with a previously built MPC 1971 Road Runner annual with 1972 bumpers from The Modelhaus. The hood is Bandit Resins MPC 1971 GTX part. The grille, taillights and rear valance are from a warped AFX resin 1972 Road Runner that I have had for years. The wheels are Aoshima Gram Lights R57 GT's. My inspiration for this build is this... ...except for the white wheels. Think I'll stay with silver.
  12. Email Kevin at kawifreek@msn.com and search for Missing Link on Facebook to see all their stuff.
  13. The Baldwin Motion version of that kit that was out in the late 1990s has that spoiler. Missing Link casts it in resin and is available for purchase.
  14. Yes, except for the front fender ornaments.
  15. Looks like fun! Bandit Resins just poured RTV over this one. Watch for it soon!!!
  16. Here's one I want. Dynacorn's new 1970 Dodge Challenger body. Click here for the whole story.
  17. Niko, Thanks for the comments. Click here for a link to my "On The Workbench" thread for this build. Marc
  18. Mike, I used the kit chassis but I narrowed the rear and relocated the springs to fit the Pegasus rubber. Marc
  19. Very nice and clean build of a kit you seldom see built.
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