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  1. Just wait until you see some of the old kits I plan to build in the next year or so! And I'm not talking about builder, but mint unbuilts.
  2. Exactly!!! It's fun too. And, there is the "thrill of the hunt", so to speak, of finding the necessary replacement parts that aren't available in the aftermarket for that glue bomb.
  3. Believe me, I understand the money part. I don't know how often you spend $25-30 on a kit, but the $50-75 range is equal to the cost of two new issues. Many of the vintage cars I have bought were builders, many of them incomplete. I enjoy restoring a vintage model kit much like folks do 1:1 vehicles, but many model builders like yourself would rather start with a complete unbuilt and I understand that.
  4. I returned to the hobby in 2000 after a 25 year absence. I started to build my collection from ground zero. I've never sat around waiting and wondering when a model kit manufacturer would issue/reissue a certain kit. I sourced vintage kits and builders from Ebay and over the last 10 years have managed to acquire most any muscle car kit that I would ever want to build. The aftermarket and fellow model builders and collectors have been good sources for missing parts and reissues of vintage tool kits make good parts kits. Instead of crying about long modified or lost tooling for certain kits, keep looking for them in the secondary market. They are out there. And, if you already have a vintage kit or three in your collection, feel free to build it.
  5. That what swap meets, Ebay, etc, are for. To find and purchase those kits that aren't available new anymore.
  6. With a little bit of sanding these wheels will fit inside 23" Pegasus aluminum sleeves. Might be worth checking in to. This is too cool of a build to have the distraction of too large of wheels.
  7. There isn't a sealer that will protect Alclad chrome and retain the shine. If you really want chrome bumpers, you are better off sending them for plating. I still like Alclad for small parts, but the stuff really doesn't work for me on larger parts like bumpers.
  8. I got some quality bench time with the Camaro this weekend. Paint is polished, painted the rear taillight panel and front spoiler matt black along with the inside of the taillight housings. The taillights and rear bumper are Modelhaus pieces. A photoetched gas cap will reside on the tail panel where AMT molded in one. The original was destroyed by the custom tail panel that was attached to this car when I received it. I've started restoring the glue-bombed 1967 interior tub so watch for pics of it soon. Enjoy!!!
  9. Hey George! Can you post the dimensions of the Accel Super Coil? Thanks bro!
  10. It would be a little pricey to do, but what about combining the Modelhaus '59 SD roof with the Bandit Resin 1960 El Camino?
  11. Steve, I can't believe its been seven years since you built this one. I remember seeing it when it was first completed and it still blows me away today. Thanks for sharing. Marc
  12. The seller on Ebay that lists and sells large volumes of R&R kits is someone that I can vouch for. Buy with confidence. That said, if the R&R is a straight repop of a vintage kit there will be less tweaking needed than on ones that are custom, like the wagon conversions.
  13. Thanks, Mike. I sprayed the Pactra right over Tamiya grey primer. One coat of the black base and four coats of the Aqua Wave. At this point, there is two coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear over that with final clear coats to come this weekend.
  14. Different hood. I switched from the orange MPC hood to one from an AMT 1969 Camaro Pace Car kit, also found in the AMT Super Hugger funny car kits. The AMT hood fits this AMT body better.
  15. Added a black bumblebee stripe tonight from a rare OOP The Last Detail decal set. Here's some pics after I blacked out the grille. I have to admint that this paint was not working for me last night. But now, after adding the stripe and the blackout on the grille it is starting to talk to me.
  16. Thanks, Bob. I'll probably still build a silver first gen Camaro as I have a collection of annuals to build or restore. I wasn't feeling another silver after the Barracuda and resisted temptation to build the ubiquitous red Camaro. I need to get the nose stripe on this one before I settle on this paint. It might still be silver before its done.
  17. Very impressive!!! Can't wait to see what you do for an encore.
  18. It looks that way in the pictures but in most angles in real life it looks the same. I think it is the angles of the fenders and the drop of the front header against the hood with the color shifting paint that makes it look that way.
  19. I finished this one over a week ago, but a bout with bronchitis has prevented me from posting pics until tonight. I really enjoyed this build, especially when KDog himself decided to throw down and build one along side mine.
  20. Okay, I finished the '69 Barracuda so it's back to work on the '67 Camaro. I finished the bodywork and shot some paint last night. In a change of heart and probably my better judgement, I went with Pactra R/C Aqua Wave. It is a flip-flop paint that you shoot over a black base. Here's a few pics to see if you think I've lost it. The plan is to go with a white nose stripe and either a white or grey interior. Have I lost it?
  21. Are they hollow? Perhaps you could fill them with something like clay.
  22. The AMT 1976 Nova chassis, while it doesn't have the correct front suspension, fits great if you shorten the wheelbase.
  23. I have a partially built 1975 Gremlin that will surrender its chassis and driveline for the 1971-72 body. Built Gremlins do show up on Ebay for decent prices.
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