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  1. Thanks for the pics. Looks like it was a great show.
  2. Been working on the headers. Separated some of the tubes and added definition to the grouping of the downpipes. Compare this pic to the non-modified right side header.
  3. Bandit Resins does make some quality product. Plated bumpers would be nice, but it makes the kit more affordable and you have options with Alclad or sending the parts yourself for plating. If you have never sent parts out to be plated, you are missing out and if you send a whole rack of parts to be plated, your cost per part is very reasonable.
  4. First update for the weekend. I almost painted the chassis last weekend but I thought I better test fit the engine combo. Good thing, because I had to use the patented "BFH" on the floorboards to get clearance for the headers. The headers and most of the engine is from the AMT Matador NASCAR kit, which shares many components with the stock AMT Gremlin kit. Funny thing about the headers, the driver's side hung almost 3/16" lower than the right side so I had to shorten it. Enjoy the pics and watch for further updates this weekend.
  5. Speaking of Demon hoods, I just sent Bandit a master for a six pack Demon hood.
  6. The Duster Street Machine kit has a Viper-style intake and the aforementioned Mopar cast valve covers sans the Mopar logos. Confusing this issue even more is the Walmart "checkerboard" version of this kit that featured an MPC 1972 Duster with a Viper V10 engine on the boxart!
  7. Alclad copper would be your best bet. It is not like there chrome or polished aluminum paint. You apply it like any other paint and it does have a little gloss sheen to it. Unlike the chrome, you can clear coat it for a hi gloss shine.
  8. Looking real nice, Steve. Are you adding the stripe package?
  9. The original MPC 1972 Chevelle SS annual was the superior, but the versions that were last issues as the SSlasher and the Pro Street Chevelle suffer from the same problems that the last issue of the MPC 1974 Cuda has. After the Chevelle tool was modified to become a stock car, the re-ingraving left something to be desired. Door handles and front turn signals are all wrong and the headlights are "bugeyed".
  10. C'mon, George. Build it! I dare you. I double dog dare you. I have a resin one from an unknown source that I will build someday. One could get the Jimmy Flinstone 1970 or 1972 resin kit and graft an AMT 1969 Chevelle nose on it.
  11. Bryan, Here is Tom's e-mail address. And, a link to his Fotki album with the Promolite products. Marc
  12. Thanks, Dan. I'm enjoying this one too. Any activity is more enjoyable when you have fun doing it.
  13. Small update tonight. With back to school for my youngest daughter happening on Monday, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Besides the seat mods, I have the hood finished and in primer. I also started to piece the engine together. The stock engine in my AMT 1975 Gremlin kit was preassembled with lots of tube glue, rendering most parts unusable. However, the engine in the AMT Matador NASCAR kit shares the block, heads and front timing cover/water pump with the Gremlin kit. I'll be using these parts from the Matador along with its four speed tranny. Since the NASCAR engine has a dry sump oil pan, I had to salvage the stock pan from the Gremlin. I had to rebuild part of the flange on the pan after I got it removed. Then, I filled the metal axle holes in the pan and block. I still have to salvage the Gremlin's accessory drive but plans call for use of the NASCAR headers and intake. Hopefully, I'll get all of this in paint sometime this week, life permitting. Enjoy!
  14. Karl, I only had two seats, but I think I've made a better seat. These first two pics were taken on Saturday. Still had work to do. Saturday night, I made and attached the modified seat back and continued to fill in seams. The next pic is where I'm at tonight. It's not perfect, but it is an improvement from the kit seats. It looks much better sitting in the interior tub than the stock kit seat.
  15. You will need a Johan 1970 442 kit and a W-30 conversion kit from Modelhaus. Keith Marks has the decals.
  16. I think you just got the score of the century! BTW, that is a Barracudo, not a Barracuda.
  17. Shaved emblems and side markers. Attached front and rear pans and molded them in. Shot some Tamiya primer to check progress. Gas tank narrowed, springs moved inboard and differential narrowed for Pegasus 23" Centerlines. A cute little car and a fun build!
  18. Due to popular demand, Bandit Resins will be casting the seats and chassis for the Gremlin. Most of the engine in the AMT Matador NASCAR kit is the same engine from the Gremlin kit, but you'll need to look to the parts box for manifolds, etc.
  19. My Modeler's ADD is in full stun mode! Received my Bandit Resins 1972 Gremlin on Saturday. Here's what was in the box. Body, hood, front and rear pans, bumpers, grille, taillights, interior tub, dash, and vacformed glass. Here's some close up pics of the body. Very clean casting, typical Bandit Resin quality. I'm using the chassis and interior from a partially built AMT 1975 Gremlin X annual. Watch for updates real soon!
  20. If you are using the Testors spray enamels that we grew up with, its time to make a change. Testors and Tamiya both have extensive lines of spray lacquers that are state of the art as far as hobby paints come. You can find Testors lacquers at your local hobby shops and stores like Hobby Lobby. Tamiya sprays can be found at well stocked hobby shops and both can be found in online hobby stores. They are more expensive than hardware store spray paints but are "model friendly".
  21. Unless I'm just totally drained, I try to get 30 minutes to an hour each night at the bench before I go to bed. I'm a night person so that helps. You would be suprised how much you can build at that rate. Don't sweat it. You'll find your groove.
  22. The MPC Super Bee being 1:25 scale is obviously too small. You might try a Monogram 1:24 scale Road Runner/GTX/Coronet Super Bee chassis for a Mopar chassis of a closer scale.
  23. Probably not, but you can get a Paypal debit card that will do the same thing.
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