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  1. You're gonna have to channel Xzibit and "pimp my ride"!
  2. Based on the F/C kit and there is not a size difference between it and the later annual kit. All the parts interchange or can be made to fit. This is the funny car Gremmie next to a 1975 annual that I modified to accept the 1971-72 bumpers.
  3. The Chevy tri-power option on the big blocks disappeared after 1969, and was a Corvette-only option.
  4. Matt said there will be a flat hood available. Since it is based on the original 1969 Chevelle kit, you could go to Modelhaus and get a 1968 front bumper and grille. The grille emblem for a plain jane 1968 Chevelle could possibly be solved with a Keith Marks decal. Side markers and trim would change on the '68 but not too difficult to do.
  5. Absolutely, Chuck! The vintage kits shine with modern detailing touches.
  6. I have two Paasche H's. One I bought new and a gently used on I paid $10 on Ebay. One is dedicated to acrylics and the other for solvent-based paints.
  7. Same here! This build has left me speechless!!!
  8. This color doesn't "flip" as much as what you have on the eighteen wheeler, but it is a predominantly an aqua blue with a hint of green. It is applied over a black base.
  9. Gregg, Is that Pactra R/C Aqua Wave? I've been testing that same paint and will be using it soon. Love the color!
  10. They no longer make the 5oz cans. Eight is still smaller than the large cans. In retail, it is all about the transaction. More dollars from the same shelf space.
  11. It's too hot in Oklahoma to do anything outside this weekend. I'm putting the finishing touches on the 1969 Barracuda notchback coupe and I'm stripping the paint from an MPC 1975 Pontiac Firebird Formula. I'll probably resume work on the 1967 Camaro annual once the Barracuda is off the bench.
  12. They would be nice, but they are not available in any kits. One would have to scratchbuilt any Nitto tires.
  13. With anything in life, the more familiar you get with something, the faster you can do it and the less like "work" it becomes. We all have different things in the hobby that we enjoy and some things that we find to be more like work.
  14. Amen, Brother Mark. I feel exactly the same way. The only time the airbrush does not seem like work is when I am spraying a color that is not available in rattle can, like Alclad metallizers or that killer HOK color that is not readily available in a rattle can. What really makes my skin crawl is when I read where someone decants Tamiya or Testors spray lacquers and shoots them thru an airbrush. To each his own, but that really seems like work!
  15. I've not experienced anything like you just did. I have painted four bodies with Testors Lacquers, all over Tamiya primer. Two were cleared with Tamiya TS-13 and two with Testors clear. I have not sprayed the One Coat Silver except for a spoon test but did not have any issues. I hope you can salvage this one.
  16. I had some quality bench time this weekend and made some serious progress on the Barracuda. Polished, foiled, glass installed and painting of small parts. Here's some pics of my progress. Photo etched gas cap from Mr. Model in Brazil. The 1969 annual rear valance with exhaust tips and backup lites comes with the body. These details have been missing since the annual. I painted the vent window frames flat black to de-emphasize their presence. Bandit Resins provides vacformed glass, but I elected to make my own glass. Front windshield is .010" clear PVC. Vent glass and rear window is .010" smoke tinted PVC. Next up...interior and engine compartment then final assembly. Enjoy!!!
  17. Bradley, Sorry to disappoint you on the plug wires. Like metal axles, that's how I roll. People that know me well understand that. I build for myself first and second, once the finished product is on the shelf, they will never be seen again. Glad you like it otherwise. Marc @ MPC Motorsports
  18. I'll be watching this one. I love vintage styrene and it is good to see one built, especially a minty fresh original. Bet you paid more than sixty-nine cents for it!
  19. I too prefer Alclad's black base for their chrome. Bob, I've had two bottles of Mirror Chrome evaporate literally before my eyes. Have you had a problem with that? These were new bottles that were not used.
  20. All tires shown are available now. The slotted mags for the BFG's are coming soon. The Aoshima 20" BBS LM's are from my personal collection and are currently available for a limited time from your favorite Japanese online hobby vendor.
  21. Very nice! How about a close up shot of the tires, especially the M&H slicks?
  22. Haven't used Frogtape yet, but I concur with your Shurtape results. I bought a roll when everyone on the interweb was commenting about how it was "just like Tamiya". Wrong. Doesn't stick to anything but itself.
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