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  1. I'll still be watching for a bargain on one. Do I need one? No. Do I want one? Hellya!
  2. What goes better with a Six Pack hood than a 440+6? Used the AMT ex-MPC 1969 Barracuda block with top end parts from an AMT 1969 GTX, including the Edelbrock intake and Holley six pack set up. The GTX kit will also surrender the front drive belts and accessories. The GTX kit parts have more detail than the 40+ year old MPC tooled parts. The distributor cap is from Reps and Mins of MD painted tan to replicate an Accel unit. Sharp eyes will notice the Fel-Pro Blue intake gaskets. Enjoy!!!
  3. Killer Cuda!!! Now, you're putting pressure on me to get mine finished.
  4. Ma's Resin sells the tires in pairs so you can mix and match whatever you like.
  5. Top Shelf Models in Owasso, Oklahoma now has a website. The web store is not operational yet, but you can contact them thru the website. It is a model shop owned and operated by a model builder. Top Shelf has a tremendous selection of kits, accessories and supplies including a large inventory of Tamiya, Aoshima, Hasagawa and Fujimi kits. Top Shelf Models has been my primary LHS for 10 years and would like to be yours too. Tell them I sent you.
  6. Can't let KDog @ Bandit Resins have all the fun! I've been out of town for a week but I'm slowly getting back to the bench. I've cleared the outside with Tamiya TS-13. Still needs polished. Painted the drilled Brembos with Testors Stainless Steel Metalizer and Tamiya TS-16 Yellow. While the paint fully cures I continue work on the engine and interior. Enjoy the pics!
  7. Two shops in Tulsa sell it. You might check Wild Bill's in Irving. Here is a US online source. Mr Color Leveling Thinner
  8. Probably the biggest advancement in 20 years has to be the Tamiya and Testors spray lacquers formulated especially for plastics. They spray great right from the can and dry in a short time.
  9. There are varying schools of thought here, but I prefer the simplicity of a single action airbrush and have done nice paint jobs using a $15 Testors basic airbrush. Send me a PM if you want a dual action Paasche VL as I have a brand new one that has never been used. I'll make you a good deal on it.
  10. I received a package from Ma's Resin last week with some of their new additions to the tire line. 20" Pirelli P7000 wide tires that will compliment Aoshima's 20" BBS LM wheel sets. 245-40/18 and 285-40/18 Pirelli P Zero tires Some 17" Bridgestone Expedias Dunlop SP3 and SP9's and finally, some of the vintage Otaki/Arii big and little BFG Radial T/A's Al will be offering the Otaki/Arii slotted mags to fit the BFG's real soon. These are some vintage ones I own, not the Ma's Resin versions. Very high quality castings that are typical of all Ma's Resin products. The Dunlops will make great vintage sports car tires as well as front tires for street rods, gassers, and the like.
  11. Believe it or not, I did not order any of the new wheels. I have six sets of the silver BBS wheels and can paint them any color I desire. I'm waiting for some new styles before I order again.
  12. Actually, it is not a problem with the wheels. They are supposed to be the same width wheels with one having a deeper offset. Us gearheads are putting the deep lips on the wider wheels, thus the need for the wider tires.
  13. I was out of town all of last week, but returned to find a care package from Ma's Resin. In it were some of the wide Pirelli P7000 tires that will fit the 20" Aoshima BBS LM's. I'll be ordering more real soon. Al is selling them for US $2.00 per pair plus shipping. Great quality and I can't tell if they are live or Memorex.
  14. Looks good!!! Glad to see you building again and good luck on the new home.
  15. Mark, I was referring to the detail painting on the engine, etc. I looked for the BRE 350Z and it may have disappeared with the board upgrade. If you still have the pics you might do a repost in Tips and Tuturials someday.
  16. Mark, Your "non-serious" builds are still spectacular! Have you ever done a tutorial on your paint wash techniques? I would love to see more on how you do it.
  17. Thanks! All I did was Google images of 1969 Barracudas to see how the stripes work on a 1:1. Then, I photocopied the decal, cut it out, and test fitted the copy first. Once I was satisfied with the placement, I transferred the cuts to the actual decal. The decal was applied in three pieces.
  18. I have one of those in my "to do someday" pile and sadly, mine's about the same condition as yours with the addition of a cracked roof and A pillar. I'll use the original chassis on mine but that's how I roll.
  19. Received some custom decals in the mail today. They are like the stock Barracuda stripes without the engine call out on the front fenders. I'll do the other side tomorrow night after this side is good and dry. Does this addition make this Barracuda a Striped Bass? Enjoy!!!
  20. I got a lot of bench time for Father's Day weekend. I worked on the Barracuda on and off all weekend but I don't have a lot to show for it. I'm using the kit engine block and front cover topped with heads, intake, front drive accessories from the more detailed AMT 1969 GTX kit. I lopped off the top of the Barracuda kit's distributor and replaced it with a tan painted resin cap from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland. The tan cap represents an Accel part to match the ubiquitious oversized resin Accel Super Coil that I will also use. The carbs are painted with Tamiya X-31 Titanium Gold. I spent much time drilling out the four resin cast Brembos. The interior tub has been painted with Tamiya TS-82 Rubber Black. Finally, a detail shot of the front end of the car. The front valance opening is molded closed on the kit part. The grille has been detail painted and MV Lenses replaced the molded in units. Enjoy!!! Marc @ MPC Motorsports
  21. Hold the can upside down and press the nozzle until no more paint comes out.
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