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  1. I prefer 80s-current sports cars, racing and street. Apologies for the crappy cell phone pics. Ben
  2. I have one like David G’s that I got from Amazon. It can pull out fumes and dust from a rattle can and is big enough the fit a 1/48 F-4 Phantom inside. My only complaint is that the fan is pretty loud. One of these days I’m going to do a Tim Allen on it and strap a super-quiet bathroom fan onto it. For filters, I buy cut to size filter material from the hardware store. Cheaper and easier than trying to track down the right size filter for the box.
  3. Love it! My ‘71 was orange with Rostyle wheels. Ben
  4. I missed the initial post for this thread, but so far, I've finished a Fujimi Ferrari 330 P4 and Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3 as part of a Daytona 24 and a Sebring group build from a 1/1 car forum I frequent. I'm in the middle of building Ben Keating's 2019 Ford GT Le Mans car. For the rest of the year, I'm hoping to build a Nunu Audi R8 GT3, another Nunu BMW M6 GT3, their M8 GTE (if they ever release it!), and hopefully start on my Lotus Esprit X180R conversion (using the Monogram kit) and/or McLaren 570S GT4 conversion (Revell kit). Ben
  5. I still haven’t had time to do more than peel a corner up to see what it’s made of. Turns out, I’ve already used this stuff before. Aoshima included a small square of it in their NB Miata kit for the mirrors and headlight buckets. It appears to be thin Mylar, adheres well, and is fairly flexible. I was able to get it to conform to the Miata’s headlight buckets without much trouble, but like Rick’s tape, it didn’t go over tight shape changes, like over the light bulb bumps, very well. It isn’t a complete replacement for BMF, but for my own uses (mirrors, race car stripes), I think it will work
  6. Thanks for the replies! I went ahead and ordered some from Amazon to play with ($12) and it's sitting in front of me right now. I'll play with it this week to see if it will work for what I'm hoping to do with it. Ben
  7. That stinks. The R-SV wasn't all that well-known or successful, unlike the Huracan GT3. With all of the colorful liveries, one would think a Huracan would sell pretty well. I was wondering if Aoshima having the Lamborghini licensing tied up was part of it. Ben
  8. Maybe someday they’ll listen! Ben
  9. I guess the next release is the BMW M8 GTE and then maybe the 911 RSR and GT3R? Also, if anyone has an “in” with Nunu, tell them the world needs a 1/24 Lamborghini Huracan GT3, too! 😎 Ben
  10. Thanks! It sounds like something that will work for what I need to do. I'll order some and play with it. At the least, I'll be able to use it for rearview mirrors. Ben
  11. Has anyone tried this stuff? Is it a mirrored adhesive backed Mylar instead of foil? I’m looking for something to replicate chromed stripes on an upcoming race car model. I'll need to cut them to ~3mm wide and they'll run the length of the car. I’m looking for an alternative to Bare Metal foil, which wrinkles too easily. I’ve never been able to get the stuff to look halfway decent. Thanks! Ben
  12. +1 on MCW and Scale Finishes Also: Splash Paints ( based in the US) Gravity Colors Spain (NOT Gravity Colors USA!!!) Zero Paints (limited availability in the US) SpotModel out of Spain is selling paint from a company called Street Blisters that has a growing list of colors. I’ve never tried them, though, but I do purchase from SpotModel often. All of the above are pretty hot lacquers and require a primer coat. Ben
  13. I’ve found that sanding the tread and painting the sidewalls Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black really helps the looks of vinyl tires. I’ve used it for a while on my airplane builds. Rubbing some dark grey or dark brown pastels in can help break up the monochrome look. Ben
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