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  1. If you're building a custom and considering going through the process of swapping door panels, why not make your own custom panels? You're already using corvette seats so the panels could be a bit updated. May be a little more work but could be worth the effort.
  2. Popeye spinach green😅. Nice Imperial! Being a GM fan back in the day, I never paid much attention to the Imperial except for the 74-75 models but I'm really starting to like the look of the 68. I think the sedan is a little sexier than the coupe.
  3. This is a friction model so a toy and not a promo. Oh snap! I should've came back to the site sooner. I soaked it in Purple Power earlier today. It was about 4 hours before I read your reply. No worry's though. There doesn't seem to be any damage. The body is still glossy but less metallic. I do realize that changing it in any way will reduce the value to collectors but I am still going to pull out as much detail as I can. As far as the turquoise. I found this color chart on the Imperial Club website. The turquoise it shows is much lighter than the color of
  4. The 68 Imperial I'm working on is molded in turquoise. The exterior of the body is glossy and almost metallic but the "vinyl" roof is not. Was the outside of the body clear coated or just buffed out? The turquoise is nice but there are a few blemishes. Also, I don't think the Imperial was available in turquoise in 1968. I'm going with Forest Green on the body and interior and Frost Green for the roof. If it's cleared, I'll soak it in the purple stuff or oven cleaner and hope I don't damage the plastic. If it's buffed, maybe a quick pass with 1500 sand paper and then prime a
  5. I have a Johan 1968 Imperial friction promo I'm planning on restoring. The front axle has the friction mechanism, a gear attached to the axle and a metal disc with another gear, but there doesn't seem to be any friction. The wheels and disc just spin. The disc can even turn without turning the axle rod. Is this how they were made to work? My idea of a friction toy is when you pull it backwards it builds tension and moves forward when you let go. Is that not how the Johan promos work?
  6. I just read this story. Lots of words but very interesting. I too had never heard of Big Red before. Apparently there was a scale model of it too. It'd be cool to see someone scratch build this thing.
  7. I have the same airbrush set up but haven't used it to paint a body yet. You have given me inspiration. PM me and let me know what parts you need. I have a few bits and pieces from the Revell 99 Silverado and AMT Tahoe.
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