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  1. Brian's first 7 words are pretty funny. No judgement, just made me chuckle 🤭
  2. I've used BMF to cover bumpers that were faded. Tedious but doable. I've now jumped on the Revell chrome spray bandwagon to eliminate that chore. Front and rear bumpers on this Caddy are BMF'd
  3. I've been using embossing powder for the past few years so I no longer need this flocking material. Black, white, tan, and grey. Free plus shipping or they get tossed. Thanks
  4. Very unique and looks great.
  5. I had to raid the revell lowrider caddy kits. I wish someone would resin cast them or make a 3d model.
  6. This is nice. The color and wheels look very good on it.
  7. Thanks Tim and everyone, for your comments. I really appreciate it. This kit went together so well it made me feel like I knew what I was doing. I'm considering doing one as a resto mod. Thanks again everyone.
  8. Really nice builds. Is this for kits only or can promos join the fun?
  9. Thanks Doug. That's a wealth of information. I have quite a bit to learn.
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