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  1. Time to show another of my old builds, this time it's a Chevy C1500 Sportside Pickup built sometime in the late 90's. The kit is from AMT/Ertl and the LT5 engine and wheels are from a Monogram High Performance Series Corvette ZR-1, other than the engine and wheels the kit is built out of box. The paint is Humbrol black with a painted red stripe. To the pics. Enjoy!
  2. Nice Dragster Krishna. One small detail tho'... if it would be correct Joe's 1990 car should have number 2 on the wing end plates because Gary Ormsby won the NHRA Top Fuel Championship title 1989 with his Castrol GTX dragster and therefore had number 1 in the following year 1990, Joe was runner up in the series 1989 and had number 2 1990. The year after (1991) it was the other way around, as Joe won the Championship 1990 he had number 1 in 1991, Gary came 2:nd and had number 2.
  3. There are many drag racing cars that doesn't have an alternator as it's really not needed if you can re-charge the battery between rounds wich of course can be done with the battery still in the car,...that's how we do it on our Super Comp Dragster and it works perfectly. And if you use a magneto ignition as Sox & Martin did on their 71 'Cuda you only need power for the starter as the magneto generates it's own power for the ignition.
  4. Slixx don't have a whole sheets with logos from just one brand, there are only a couple of decals from the different brands present on their sheets. I do have some of Slixx Contingency sheets so I know they have M & H decals, decals similar to this one are on one of their sheets but with the M & H in white. Here is another M & H logo present on a couple of other Slixx Contingency sheets. They do have M & H Decals on decal sheets in other categorys too, for example on Jungle Jim, Tommy Ivo and several other FC sheets, Bebee & Mulligan, Jade Grenade and other TF sheets, .
  5. They do have a couple of different M & H decals on their Nostalgia Contingency Sheets.
  6. A far as I know Tom Daniels designed the BadMan kit 1969...so you might be too young to remember.
  7. Yes it does, that's why I showed pictures from the two eras with dual mags we have had so far. They started to use the dual magneto setup in the nitro classes in the late 80's and Mallory Super Mag's was what almost everyone used back then, before that only one magneto were used in the nitro classes. Later on in the mid 90's they switched from the Mallory Super Mag's to the more efficient MSD Pro Mag 44's and that's what they still use today...MSD started to develope a 66 amp Pro Mag back in 2002 but it was never permitted for use in the NHRA.
  8. Okay, lets show some pictures of my latest build, this build got finished in 2008 and it's my interpretation of the Revell 32 Ford Roadster. This model is not built entirely out of box, I originally planned to use the 392 Hemi engine from the Revell 41 Willys Gasser but the B&M Hydro Stick tranny didn't fit under the floor, so I used the engine from the 41 Willys Street Rod as it has a 727 auto, but I used the injector and scoop from the Gasser, the zoomie headers are from the AMT Boss Nova. I detailed the engine with an old parts box Vertex Magneto, ignition wires, injection hoses and throttle linkage, I didn't like the kit firewall so I scratch built a more stock looking firewall from Evergreen sheets and half round bar. The paint is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green from a spray can and Tamiya Clear, the interior is Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White and I used the custom "boat style" steering wheel from the AMT 56 Ford Fairlane Victoria and painted to match, the grille is a photo etched piece from Model Car Garage and the wheels and tires are from the old Monogram Li'l Coffin. The front wheels and front axle had bad chrome plating so I redid them with Alclad II Chrome, I also did the oil pan for the engine at the same time as the pan for the transmission already was chrome plated. To the pics. Enjoy!
  9. Italeri is an Italian manufacturer. Over here Maxibrake chambers are on the first drive axle and steer axle on trucks.
  10. The 289 and 302 looks exactly the same on the outside, the differences between them are all internal, the cylinder bore are the same at 4,00 inches but the stroke is slightly longer on the 302 at 3.00 inches compared to the 289's 2.87 inches. The missing fuel pump would go on the drivers side on the timing chain cover about half way between the water pump and the crank shaft, but as Bill says, on many "suped up" engines the mechanical fuel pump is omitted and the mounting hole is blocked off and an electrical fuel pump is used instead to ensure a steady fuel flow to the carburator.
  11. Thanks guys. I know the last evolution of this tooling the Mark Pawuk Summit Firebird and Warren Johnson GM Goodwrench Service Plus/Superman Firebird kits from 1999, and the issues after them, sits too high at the front and has to be modified to look right, but I didn't do any modifications to get the "right" stance for this one.
  12. Here is a picture showing the older Mallory Super Mag setup in the Bruce Larson Sentry Funny Car from 1989-90-91. And here are a couple of more recent MSD Pro Mag 44 setups from the 2000's, the last pic is from one of the Worcham family's CSK Funny Car from 2008-9 and it's pretty much how it still looks today
  13. The Aerodyne sleepers came 1976 and the first 1:25th scale kit of a Kenworth W900 Aerodyne was as Paul mentioned, and as far as I know, the Monogram snap kit from 1982 (kit No 1501), Monogram also did a glue kit W900 Aerodyne in 1:16th scale in 1982 (Kit No 2502) and in 1:32nd scale in 1980 (kit No 1205). The 1:25th scale kit is the same one as the latest Revell issue except for color of plastic and decals. AMT/Ertl also did a Kenworth W900 Aerodyne in 1:32nd scale (kit No 6776 AMT/Ertl and kit No 5026 AMT), this was also a snap kit.
  14. I have looked into this but I have only found a picture of the underside of the restored car. The 1970 Barracuda specifications here under from the Popular Hot Rodding April 1970 article says "Shatter Shield - Lakewood Industries", and it for sure looks to be a Lakewood steel bellhousing on the restored car...if it's correct or not I don't know but I have seen pictures of Grumpy Jenkins Toy VIII 70½ Camaro with a Lakewood bellhousing.
  15. Time for another of my old builds, this time the choice of subject fell on the Revell Orndorff/Eckman Pennzoil Pontiac Firebird Pro Stock issued in 1992, the same kit was issued under the Monogram lable the year before. The model was built around 1995-96 and as with the Castrol Dragster I showed last time the detailing is all home made, otherwise the model is built out of box, the paint is Humbrol Yellow from a spray can. To the pics: Enjoy.
  16. I have a 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe wich was delivered from the factory Dynasty Green with Wimbledon White roof and White Crushed Vinyl and Black interior, the color of the cavity of the side spear on my car is white. I believe the colors of the side spears from the factory was White, Red or Black, other colors are most likely "custom"...but I don't know who and what decided wich color the side spear would be other than it was meant to be an accent to the body color. The main part of the Thunderbolts were White with Beige/Tan interior and they had black spears, the few that was Burgundy also had Beige/Tan interior as it was the only color available, and most of them had white spears but I have also seen some black, Thunderbolts with other body color than White or Burgundy were painted by the racers themselves as those two colors were the only ones available on the factory Thunderbolts. By the way...it would be great if someone did a decal for the back seat fabric pattern so we could do our Thunderbolt's with a correct look interior...I have several kits but I haven't built any yet because I don't know how to replicate this interior pattern...and a decal similar to the Scale Motorsports Uphostery Pattern decals is probably the easiest most good looking way to do that.
  17. Here is the correct address. http://www.hartspartsresin.com/
  18. The Pro Stock race cars were built by several chassis builders so there may be differences in the construction from car to car and year to year, the car in your first picture is the Wayne County Speed Shop Camaro driven by Darrell Alderman but the second is "Grumpy" Jenkins car with Joe Lepone Jr as driver. I know for sure the Reher-Morrison car was built by Don Ness Racecraft and he kit was as far as I know patterned after the 1982-83 Reher-Morrison car. The kit was originally issued by Monogram in 1984 together with the Frank Iaconio car and was the first in the series of "modern era" Pro Stock kits, so the first issue should be quite accurate. Some alterations of the tooling has been made for the later Firebird kits from 1991 and 1999, so the newly reissued kit isn't the exactly the same as the first issue, but I looked at the instructions on the Revell site and other than the drivers side of the cage with the "red bar" and some altered padding the cage is the same as in the first issue. The padding on the first issue drivers side part of the cage is on the upper side cross bar from where the cross bars meet and up to the vertical bar behind the seat, and the lower cross bar has padding from the cross down to where it meets the seat...that's it, nothing on the main hoop or anywhere else. Another thing missing from the first issue is the Moroso valve covers.
  19. I have seen trucks with the lager brakes, also called maxi brake, on one or two of the drive axles. The larger chamber holds a strong coil spring that apply the brakes when the air is released from the chamber.
  20. No it doesn't as that bar is part of the funny car style cage setup wich the 1982 car didn't have...that rule came a couple of years later (84-85)...the original kit was patterned after the Reher & Morrison 1982-83 car if I'm not missinformed so it should be quite correct.
  21. It depends...if I do a race car I never clear before decals as they are vinyl stickers anyway...on modern race cars the whole car is foiled with vinyl. But if the decals are flames or stripes that would be painted on the real car I would consider clearing after. I have never cleared over BMF.
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