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  1. Cranky-

    I like the weathering that you did. I have questions. How did you do the salt technique? How did you get it to stick to the body? Did you spray it first with Dullcote to get it to stick and what kind of salt? Was it Kosher? (Just kidding on the last one.)


  2. Here is the near completed chassis and susension.68FirebirdWIP044.jpg


    I still need to paint the shocks and the springs. The rear assembly is just sitting there for a photo op.

    I am using the tires and wheels from the Speedwagon kit since they give the model a nice rake and stance. I painted mine in Tamiya bottle "Metallic Grey". It isn't accurate, but close. And I like it.68FirebirdWIP036.jpg


    That's all for now. Any comments or criticisms welcomed.


  3. I finally got a chance to get some build time in and some photos taken. Here is where I am at so far.

    I got the front grille assembled and detailed, except for the headlights, and it is just pressed into place for this photo:68FirebirdWIP049.jpg


    The engine is complete, with the exception of a coil. I may also run a wire for the fuel line from the filter to the carb.68FirebirdWIP042.jpg

    I did straighten out the carb as suggested by DWC (thanks) an the radiator wall is just sitting in place in this photo. I'll be gluing it into the body before assembly instead of to the chassis.68FirebirdWIP045.jpg

    More photos in next post.


  4. Raul-

    This one is looking great. I like the modifications to the bed. Especially the subtle work you did to the transition from the rear of the cab to the front of the bed. Looks just like factory work. Keep it going.


  5. Tom-

    I think that you are spot on with the color choice. I can see it already. Dark met blue with a shiny white roof insert and shiny white firewall. Just gorgeous!

    Keep us posted. It sounds like a winner.


    P.S.- If you want to get rid of that kit engine (for a swap, perhaps), send me a mail.

  6. Thanks for the help guys!

    Juergen- The photos are very helpful. I'll be using them as reference shots. Especially the interior.

    dwc- Thanks for the info. I figured that it must be a mistake. I can't recall ever seeing a carb sitting at an angle like that before. I'll have to pull mine off and reglue it on straight.

    I haven't gotten anything done lately. I was out of town from Thursday evening till Sunday night for a convention. What a pick-me-up that was. Today has been chores around the house. Hopefully tomorrow I can spend some time at the bench. This thing has already drug on longer than expected. I got some MicroSet and MicroSol Thursday morning. I can start on decals soon.


  7. Raul-

    That is turning out to be one beautiful build. The work that you have done is top notch. I really cringe at the thought of chopping a vehicle like this because none of mine have ever seemed to fair so well. The way you did it looks very simple. I may have to try again soon. Keep up the great work and let us see some of that interior.


  8. I Love that kit and had it years ago, but I gave it to a kid to build. Sure wish I had another one. You made it look great. I like the extra details that you added to it.


  9. Well Guys-

    I got some small progress done last night. I decaled and installed the hood tach and finished the plumbing and assembly of the engine. I also painted the underhood bracing, the radiator wall and fan shroud, and the grille insert. On the insert I foiled the Pontiac emblem before painting and now can scrape the paintoff to reveal the chromed emblem.

    I also installed the clock decal on the center console.

    BTW- On the instructions, I noticed a mistake. The instructions show that decal #4 is for the clock in the center of the console and that #7 is for the tach on the steering column. These should be switched.

    Hopefully I'll get some time to do some more work tonight and get some more photos posted this week.


  10. Juergen-

    That 57 is looking great. I Love the color combo and the mods that you did to the wheels. It has a perfect stance.

    I'm still plugging away on my 68 Firebird. I'm waiting on some good reference shots from you. LOL :D


  11. OK Guys-

    I finally got some time to take, and post, some photos of my little progress. Here they are. I flocked the bottoms of the door panels:68FirebirdWIP025.jpg


    And I got a little engine work done. I seperated the oil filter and starter from the pan before painting:68FirebirdWIP034.jpg




    Does anyone know why the locating pin for the carb makes the carb sit at an angle to the front of the block? Is it this way on a 1:1 400? Seems strange to me.

    I hope you like the progress. Any comments or criticizm is welcomed.


  12. That is looking beautiful. I can't imagine how much work a paint job like that requires. A couple of questions. Have you ever thought of doing a tutorial on how to do a paint job similar to that?

    Where do those tires and wheels come from that are on the Firebird in the background and are those modified at all?

    Great work.


  13. Bill-

    Thanks for the link. I'll surely check it out. I still didn't get the photos taken of yesterday's progress. My whole day, like yesterday, didn't go as planned. Plus, my wife came home a little early today.

    Maybe tomorrow.


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