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  1. Hey, Jeff! My RC hobby started with a Traxxas Slash and an Axial Honcho in 1/10 too, but we could talk about that privately maybe. I agree with you about the scale issue. The original wheels are 56 millimeters (thats about 53 inches in 1:1). I bought a set of wheels from another brand that fit the scale much better. They measure 43 scale inches in 1:24 and that's large too. (The body is 1:25 so it's actually about 44"). That got rid of the monster truck look. The kit body is quite a lot heavier than the original lexan body. I didn't weigh it. I'll do it the next time I take it apart. Al
  2. Thought I'd post this one here as well as on the usual RC-places. I bought an Axial 1:24 RC Jeep Rubicon and swapped the body for an AMT truck. It adds to the scale looks but not to the driveability because of its weight. The paintjob is, well, orange peelorama, but hey, it's no beauty show out on the trails. I think I'll work on some more off-road equipment but at least it's drivable now. (barely)
  3. ...and when June comes five years have gone since I paid for my order. Most of the stuff has arrived but some are still missing. But, I won't give up hope yet. (Psst, Al... )
  4. I'm sure it'll end up well anyways. I love those -65 longroofs myself too.
  5. Ouch! What did you strip it with to make it look like a bad recast? Wire stripper wheel?
  6. If you think six months is a long time, try four years. That's how long I've been waiting for my order to be completed.
  7. I won an auction for this one. Open box but untouched. So much nostalgia, since it's the first kit I can remember that I bought all by myself.
  8. OK, so maybe not today, but the last couple of weeks... Unbuilt. Some tyre burn on the bed. No custom wheels. A perfect builder. Also unbuilt. It feels almost sacred to handle. Those two were a couple of if not outright glue bombs, so at least brush paint bombs. Luckily it all washed out. I managed to get the glass out from the Caddy and it's reusable in separate front, and rear pieces. The windshield of the Olds is a bit deformed by glue but I was lucky to get double windows in an unbuilt kit that i bought earlier. Sometimes you're lucky...
  9. I don´t care for building anything stock but I like unchopped rods. Now I imagine there will be unchopped resin bodys available soon after the release.
  10. You could have fooled me. I suspect if you randomly choose one of the pages of this thread the possibility of finding any Ranch wagon talk is about 3 in 10. Good moderation job!
  11. No doubt about that. It's just that sometimes the wait can be (very) long.
  12. No wonder new users feel so welcome here, when you all greet them in such a great way. Or not....
  13. And then there was a P1800 from Palmer... http://volvo1800pictures.com/mini/palmer/mini_id_458.php
  14. The promos were made in Finland by the Stahlberg company. Check this link for pics and info http://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/mini-ccs-1960s-1980s-stahlberg-volvo-dealer-promos-three-boxes-are-good/
  15. Hear, hear! The move is totally incorrect in my opinion. Was there a good explanation? (maybe it could help the confused?)
  16. It all looks so real, it's totally unreal...
  17. Not to add to the off topic contents of this thread, but Hasegawa has both 1966 and 1967 sedans.
  18. It's always the same. I get an idea. I come half way. I get tired of the subject... Here's the latest victim.
  19. Just get some clear line and paint it. Yes I know the third air cleaner is on crooked but that's fixed now.
  20. Maybe it's time to pull this baby out of the closet again then... I´ll of course lose the Revell axle. It's mocked up on a chassis belonging to this one. Which will have to wait a bit longer.
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