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  1. Very impressive RM chopper, well thought out colour scheme and detail work.
  2. Good start. Hard part out the way. Very enjoyable kits to build the Aoshima LB Works series.
  3. Agree, thats what I like the most about Aoshima kits and their wheels. Very easy to interchange between kits and adapt wheels to other manufacturers kits Cool idea, good to see the steering wheel on the right side for a change. Surprising how similar they are, another good change over idea. You'll be right mate, wont take much to sort it out and make it fit. Interested to see what other details you work into the build.
  4. Very interesting idea you are planning for this build mate. Always cool seeing something different. Really like the look of the Yayoi's under a Camaro. The Skyline over fenders did fit up well, but those C1's are perfect for the look you are going for. Also the S20 engine fits in with the style and will fill out the bay nicely. Going to be fun seeing how this one turns out.
  5. Mocked up the sunny, seems I can never wait after getting a body painted, have to always see how its looking.
  6. Another Tamiya TS-14 black paint job applied to another Nissan. And couldnt wait to do a mock, applied paint yesterday.
  7. Yeah il be down to get a couple. Being a simplified kit it will be a quick easy build, over fenders molded to the body is good, no messing about hogging out wheel arch's and fiddling around trying align and fit the fenders. Accuracy and price wise, couldnt care its another cool looking Liberty Walk kit.
  8. Id say 1500 Finishing Surfacer gray would be the closet match to Tamiya Primer.. I dont consider Tamiya to be a very good scratch filler at all compared to Mr Hobby primer and surfacers.
  9. Some of the products have a bit of a description. http://www.mr-hobby.com/en/itemList.php?cId=33 The lower the number the heavier/thicker the pigment. 500 would be good to use as a heavy filler primer, like filling scratches from 320-600 grit or a modified surface that needs a light fill and levelling out. The 1000 primer surfacer you would use just like Tamiya. Just dont go to heavy or thick. The 1500 Surfacers lay down super smooth. For the box stock builders they are perfect. The higher the number the finer the pigment which results in a smoother finish and wont bu
  10. I get the idea, but will say the Charger front does not suit the Supra. I like the Charger front myself, and went about changing the front on a couple of my Nissan Skyline builds to be some what like the hidden headlight. 1:1 Skyline. The kit I used the body from. Out of the box mock. And how it looks after all the mods. The other kit same style mod. Nothing accurate or serious about either build. Just trying out ideas, maintaining and developing body work skills and having fun trying to build something different.
  11. Mr Hobby Mr Color. Have a couple options for Zinc chromate Green tone And this is the yellow version which seems to be what you are looking for. Havent tried this one yet, so no parts to show the true color outside the jar.
  12. Stopped using Tamiya primer about 6 years ago. I was in same situation couldnt get Tamiya, but seen Mr Hobby and gave it a try and havent looked back since. Fully switched over to Mr Hobby primers and finishing surfacers. I personally think they are far better than Tamiya and are available in different grades. The main ones I use. Mr Primer Surfacer 1000 is good for when you have alot of body modification work. Kind of like scratch filler primer. Mr Base white 1000 is good at covering coloured plastic and stops bleed through. Mr Sufacer 1000, is as the number impl
  13. Applied some Alclad chrome to a few parts. Also the Interior parts painted Tamiya TS-49 bright red, will apply the flat clear over coat at a later stage.
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