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  1. I currently have the Dart and Valient posted in the under glass for more details on them. The others cars were posted there a couple months ago.
  2. Mopar - D

    62 Dart

    Harry, I left the license plates like that because they are part of my 62 Mopar transporter with a factory new delivery.
  3. This is my 1962 MOPAR Transporter loaded with a new load of 62 MOPARs for the dealership. This is the AITM Dodge CNT kit with a Dodge L 700 doner the trailer is the AMT transporter loaded with 2 Chysler 300 H, a Plymouth Fury and Valient plus the Dodge Dart 440. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome. Thanks Dan
  4. This is the AITM resin Dodge CNT that I've converted to just a C 900 to be used as a city delivery transporter. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome. Dan
  5. This is the Revell 1962 Plymouth Valient. The Valient has a lot of BMF for a small car and this is also part of my 62 MOPAR transporter project posted in the truck section here. Please enjoy and comments always welcome. Thanks Dan
  6. Mopar - D

    62 Dart

    This is the Jo Han 1962 Dodge Dart 440 I added some wiring and plumbing under the hood. This is part of my MOPAR transporter build. Please enjoy and comments always welcome. Thanks Dan
  7. Corey, Modelhaus sell parts to convert the 69 to a 68 if your interested here is a link. http://www.modelhaus.com/index.php?y=60&c=4197&pt=&part=1&Submit=Search
  8. Corey, nice collection of MOPARs you have there. Have you been able to build a 68 Barracuda like your 1:1?
  9. Denzel nice job on the Challenger super detailing in the engine bay. One thing about Mopars is that the engine bays are painted the same as the body color.
  10. Harry, James is right its my sons tailgate on his Ram. By the way it was hot in the sun this afternoon when we took the pictures.
  11. And the engines I wired and added some plumbing.
  12. Here's my mate to to go with it.
  13. This is my JoHan Chrysler 300 H convertible in black with a tan interior I changed out the wheel covers with wheel covers from Modelhaus. Enjoy and comments always welcome.
  14. Mopar - D

    67 Plymouth GTX

    Nice Hemi GTX looking for ward to your out side pictures.
  15. Your right it is Yellow!! Looks great.
  16. Very real looking with your color combination
  17. Very nice clean build. Nice wheels too.
  18. Nice build on the 67 Charger looks good in yellow.
  19. Really nice colors on your GTX. I've read here on the forums that if you put a coat of clear on your tape before spraying your black it will prevent the bread through. I'm going to try it on my next one.
  20. Nice Road Runner I used the AMT on my JoHan too.
  21. Nice build I need to see if I can get one of these for fathers day
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