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  1. Was able to find some time this past week to get some work done on the 300. Finished buffing out the body and added what little BMF there is and some black trim. Made a lot of progress on the interior paint and build. Also have the engine painted and built. Thanks for the comments. also did a trial fit up to see how the resin body accepts all the different parts. ttp://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l274/Dan_Slade/Chrysler%20300%20Touring%20SRT8/69a447e0.png
  2. Some really nice models. I like the Fury pro stock the best. Your PT's look like some nice rides to.
  3. This is my first posting of a WIP and also my first resin build. To start with I've picked up the following kits to use for my build Jimmy Fintstone Magnum SRT 8 with a Chyrsler 300C front end. Over in Europe Chyrsler sold this car as the 300C Touring model and also offered it as a SRT8 option. My build will be in the SRT8 version. I also picker up a Revell SRT8 Magnum, SRT8 300C (1/24 scale) and the AMT Chyrsler 300C. So far I have cut the rear bumper from the SRT8 300 and resized it to fit the Magnum. to get the SRT 300C wheels I used the custom wheels in the Magnum kit .
  4. This is a original Johan kit that built over a year ago but was before I stared using BMF on my builds. I was not happy with paint job either so I striped the old and resprayed with MM black with future clear coat and BMF. This is one of my favorite 300's. Your comments are always welcome.
  5. Charlie, Thanks for the web sites I have them booked marked now and will use them for my future builds. Yea Ken and they were in black and white too.
  6. Very nice detail and great color and shine..
  7. Thanks for the comments. The kit came molded in the green color on the body pins and I had to fill in 2 sink holes on the trunk. Pepperdrumstix there are pictures of a green hard top with the cross ram on the internet just goggle 62 fury. They say it was a rare car. When I was looking for correct colors I only found red,green, light yellow and the white.
  8. This is the Johan 62 Plymouth Fury convertible with MM White and Red interior. This was the most BMF that I've ever put on a kit. Comments welcome. Thanks
  9. Mopar - D

    69 Charger

    Nice job I to use the Maguires Scratch X with the Duplicolor Paint also and will sure put a good shine on. Have you looked into using Bare Metal Foil (BMF) for the chorme trim.
  10. Mopar - D

    68 Fury I

    This is the JoHan Plymouth Fury I police car. I made it stock with out the police lights
  11. Thanks for the comments. I found the correct wiper motor just need to paint and then move the Beep Beep horn to the fender wall. I will get a updated picture when I have done.
  12. Cesar, They look just like the ones on my cars. Great look.
  13. Mike I will checking your build looks like a good start. Have you decided on your interior color yet. I just finished my 69 Road Runner in black with a blue interior.
  14. Thanks for the comments. The wiper moor was the last thing I installed to finish it up and it did look different but it did not click that it was the Beep Beep horn until I read your comment. Now I need tosee if I can find a wiper motor. Thanks for the comments. The wiper moor was the last thing I installed to finish it up and it did look different but it did not click that it was the Beep Beep horn until I read your comment. Now I need to see if I can find a wiper motor.
  15. If I keep the recalls and use it as a collector it would only add value. Of course I would have a set of mags for the cursing around town and down the strip.
  16. This the JoHan 69 road runner that came with a 70 GTX interior so I changed it out with a 69 GTX AMT kit for the correct interior and a better detaled running gear. This is my first wired engine. It is model masters black with clear coat and B5 blue interior. Yes they are the recall wheels like the Plymouth 69 brochure picture. Enjoy comments welcome.
  17. Nice looking pink Challenger. Tom, Dodge made a limited edition 2010 pink Challenger.
  18. I made a attempt to make the rally steering wheel
  19. Nice job with the black paint. The Charger looks good in black with your wheels and like your under the hood detail.
  20. Thanks for the comments I will add more detail to the exhaust tips.
  21. This is the 1/24 Monogram Plymouth GTX in B3 Blue with a B5 Blue interior, Comments welcome enjoy.
  22. Maybe Dodge will offer the SRT 8 in Deep Water Blue for 2011
  23. This is the MPC kit that you don't see to many of for sale so when I saw it I grab it. It was a fun kit to build and add to my mopar collection.
  24. Nice build on the AMT Challenger. I built the same kit last month. It was a fun kit to build.
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