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  1. Awesome build and awesome story to it. It would be nice to see the pics of all the variants and all the changes this model went through. It is cool that it still lives. Jarda
  2. Hi Mark, All the kits you have mentioned are manufactured with tools that are 30 years old. Surprisingly, the parts quality is pretty good. I did not find any serious fit issues. But you must be ready to clean almost every part. Unfortunatelly, this applies to some chromed parts too. Both Kenworths share the same CAT 3408 engine. Peterbilt has the notorious twin-turboed in-line 6 Cummnis. Both engines are very well detailed and there are instructions available on public fotki for making even more details. http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modell
  3. Hi Sergey, I have been watching this project from the start and I have nothing but the highest admiration for your work. It is really awesome. Someone from the land of Zil, Ural, Kraz, Maz and Kamaz is able to make such hard core models of American trucks. That is amazing. We, the boys from the east, are alike, I guess, in how we got interested in American trucks. Born a truck driver´s son I was attracted by trucks in general quite soon. But the Convoy movie really boosted my interest in American trucking. Also the country music´s truck driving songs. I did not understand a word in English th
  4. Thank you very much Mark. May I have one more question... or two... I do not know what the book shows but, could you tell me what color the engine is. Beige, white, metalic grey... ? Are there some chrome elements in the engine compartment? I am sorry for taking your time. I have searched the internet all through looking for pictures and found... nothing. Thanks for any help, I appriceate it.
  5. Nice job on the Transtar. I am not an expert to judge all the details but they make an attractive build. Good idea with the Alaskan Hauler style for this truck.
  6. Hi Mike, My weathering is a bit chaotic process. I do not have any strict procedure, just try to do what I read in hobby magazines. The techniques are well-known, I guess. Shading, fading, washing, dry brushing... you name it. Yes, I do use... a sort of air brush. It´s Tamyia Spray Work. Not good enough for advanced painting techniques but quite okay for what I do. I am old schooler, painting with enamels though I plan to switch for acrylics. For weathering I use also the oil colors and chalks. I have a lot to learn myself. I cannot say I have things under my control. Sometimes I am surprise
  7. The color is very nice. Now I am thinking of painting mine the same. I do not like copying someone else´s models but this is hard to resist.
  8. This is the hood after the second extension... And here with the cab added... I also extended the frame. Another possibily was to reposition the cab backwards. But I like the frame extension better... The joint will secured by a metal stripe.
  9. Clydes II is the name of the famous Bill Signs Trucking Peterbilt 359. It was created years ago and I think that the Revell guys did a good job. http://www.truckin24.de/03c1989d840f69e01/03c1989e1510fe103.html There are some differencies from the real truck though. Unlike the kit, Clydes II has extended hood. Unfortunatelly, I have never seen any picture of this truck with the hood opened. I was positive, that the truck was powered by 8v 3408 CAT. But then, just yesterday, I found this note on public fotki... http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truckkit_instructions/revell
  10. Thank you all for your encouraging words. This CAN DO kit was the one that opened the door to the truck modeling for me. I have seen a few pics of a finished model and I knew that I had to have one too. But it was not easy to get one. The whole production of the kit was gone and the e-bay prices.... you know... But I was lucky to come across a forgotten piece in a toy shop in Prague. The cab and hood were cracked all around but the kit was complete. I took it home with 10 % discount and Revell sent me a new set of cab & hood for free. Chris: Even though my model is finished by now, I
  11. I have been watching this project long before I became a member of this forum and I have to say that it is a gorgeous engine. Now, as I am not that familiar with American truck engines, I defintely cannot tell the make and model. But I would like to know. If you cannot say this in public, would a PM work? Or a link to the real thing? Just curious, that´s all. Thanks.
  12. I tried to change the firewall too. It has the 379 features but still looks a bit strange on the 359 narrow cab. Well... what can I say? Here is the cab & sleeper. BMF on the door rims. Here is the cab sitting on the frame. The pictures are not so good. Another thing I have yet to learn. Nice day to all of you. Thanks for looking.
  13. Thank you all for your comments. One of the things that I had to do, in order to get 379-ish look, was the hood modification. Unfortunatelly, I did not take pictures of all the steps. I filled the recessed curves on the hood side with 1.2mm plastic cut to shape. Then I sanded off the wide stripe on top of the hood and replaced it with the 379 design. I also added the inside details like reinforcing structure and isulation blanket. Still it is a short hood though. I did no big changes to the cab & interior. That remained in 359 style. Here is the dash of class from
  14. Thanks a lot, guys. That is interesting question and I doubt I know the answer. I cannot speak for anybody else but myself. When I build a model I try to get as much reference as possible. It was almost impossible in pre-internet times and I ended up with the out-of-box builds. But things have changed and now, with the internet I can get almost any info and reference that I need. Even though we do not meet American trucks on the local roads, there is a whole lot of useful web sites where to look for a reference. Truckpaper, for instance. There are exceptions, of course. Like I cannot
  15. Thank you all for the nice welcome. You are right, Robert, it was not my first model truck. But it was my first attempt to make something different than just glue together what I found in the box. I have some experience from making models of the aircraft and armoured vehicles. Here is a few pictures of the engine. I left the old Cummins under the hood even though it is not the correct engine for the Stepp´s unit. I did not even paint it yellow... no Cummipillar or Catmins or whatever. I just made it a single turbo version. I used the bigger of the two turbos. Its shell is twisted the othe
  16. Hello, I am new to this forum. Been a peeper for a while and watched the wonders of the scale truck modeling. Now, I think it is time to give something back in return for the useful ideas I took from here. Let me kick off with the famous model of the Stepp´s Can Do wrecker. The model is finished by now but I do not want to flood the thread with too many pictures at one moment. So, I will post them gradually. Some of you may know this build from another forum. I set some limits for this project, such as no aftermarket parts and no different kits combination. I just modified some of th
  17. Hello, I am new to this forum. Before I post any of my builds, I would like to help with the PS pump location on CAT 3408. I am dealing with the same problem, though in 1/25 scale. I have been hunting for pictures of 3408 on the net and I think I found something usefull. This one is installed in KW I believe. You can see the lines from the PS reservoir and the steering box dissapear somewhere behind the engine. I also found this pic with the air compressor on the right and something on the left. The "something" might be a power steering pump. But I am not sure if the engine is a truc
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