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  1. Good news,I think the fuel filter fixed it! She's been running great the last few days and has not shown any signs of fuel pump failure. Bad news, on my way home from work last night I got rear ended. After the reports were filled out and I went home i figured I would just need a new rear bumper and new bumper mounts but upon closer inspection the frame is damaged. Hopefully it doesn't get written off as totaled and given a salvage title, if that happens I may take what the womans insurance gives me for the truck and sell the truck to get something else.
  2. Good luck contacting him,he's next to impossible to get a hold of.
  3. Well the filter hadn't been changed since I purchased the truck (A year and a half ago) so I went and replaced that,tomorrow I'll find out if that fixed it or not. I'll report back after a day or two to see if that helped.
  4. Personally I would use the sharpie,but if you do want to go with paint or the area is too big for a sharpie I suggest you use BMF for the edge of the area you want to paint and then make sure to mask of the rest of the surrounding area with tamiya tape or a similar substitute. Make sure of course to do this after the body color has dried.
  5. My 1999 Chevy S-10 (2.2L 5spd) has started showing (in my opinion) signs of fuel pump failure. After I get off of the interstate and sit at the light on the off ramp for a minute or two my truck will idle just fine,but whenever I start to release the clutch and apply the gas it's like I get no response from the accelerator and I have to pump the gas to get a response. This has happened twice now and I need some advice on what to do. I doubt it's the ignition system since the truck runs fine at all other times (It has only done this twice and once it's happened it doesn't occur again until I've
  6. Don't worry Tom,They make a resin body to correct that issue.
  7. Talk about mint,that looks like it's right off the lot! How many miles does she have?
  8. I think I'm buying this one just for the box,I'd love to have it as a print.
  9. I absolutely love the community,but at the same time there are times I can't stand it. Finding a good equilibrium seems to be a tad bit difficult.
  10. That is the big issue,usually the way it is found out is someone recognizes a build they have seen online (Take the Under The Glass section for example) and then does a little digging to see where that build should be location wise and who built it. What we should have paid attention to was each of this individuals entries had a slightly different building technique, some were built by the same builder and blended right in whereas one would have a few imperfections that the others wouldn't have. Another give away is if that individual can not tell you how he built the kit or about the kit then
  11. One thing that you also might want to consider are the ethics in selling a built kit. There was a string of shows in the TN region last year where a "builder" swept up a lot of awards and trophy's with builds he had purchased off of ebay, no one thought much of his models until someone found his ebay page and every single model was found in his recent purchase history. Not only was what he was doing morally wrong but it also heavily damaged the reputation of several shows and even my reputation as a judge. I understand once you sell a built model you have no control over it but be aware it cou
  12. I wonder how long this will last now that Russia has tried to outlaw memes with Russian political and social figures on them, on a side note I'm sure one could make a humorous scene with this and a Trabant.
  13. I know,but what if the descriptions are not clear about what to do? Say for example there is an individual that had been a member on the forum for 30 minutes and s/he wants to post up pictures of their latest build of say a Group B rally car. If the only descriptions they have are: Under Glass Post your finished (pau) model cars here in all their glory–your online display case. Drag Racing Models If it goes in a straight line, post it here! NASCAR For all you NASCAR fans out there! It would probably lead to confusion since it is evident that racing categories are separated but only t
  14. Given how much moving is done around here with posts I'm sure it wouldn't be in the right place,the question now is where is the right place.
  15. Well Nascar and Drag racing leave a lot of other racing kit's just kinda "out there". What about Rally, F1,Formula drift,ect.? From my personal experience once something is found that pleases those in control it becomes set in stone,us who wish to see anything else just kinda need to "get over it" like many around here will say.
  16. I believe it was Beemax that is releasing the Chevy, Also HLJ.com is an excellent place for Japanese kits.
  17. In my opinion if I were a kit manufacturer I don't think I'd even mention a new release until it was almost finished, that way people don't complain about the time it takes to actually design the kit,produce the tools, and make the kit itself. kinda like what many Japanese companies do,for example Tamiya's latest offering was only announced a few months back and people started getting them a week or so ago. Just enough time to build up the right amount of hype instead of having to wait three years for a kit and potential customers losing interest.
  18. Looks great,can't wait for the dealers promo's to come out.
  19. Yup,I've had the Trail 70 for about 6 year now. It's what initially sparked my interest in vintage Hondas which,well led to my purchase today. I've been keeping an eye out for a good 350 for about five months now and finally found it today. She runs great,is stupid loud, and looks beautiful. EDIT:Is there a way to chip posts? I'm tired of having to go on a scavenger hunt ever-other day just to find a post I made.
  20. I'm pretty sure I've just looked into the eyes of well,I'm not quite sure but it's terrifying to say the least.
  21. Well looks like it was saved in my opinion. Since these were a post office only type thing once they retire them most of them go to rot away,so any still on the road no matter what condition are technically saved.
  22. If you have yet to see the finished photos of Mr Shimizu's finished build you really need to check them out, he does an excellent job showcasing how a clean box stock build can make an excellent piece.
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