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  1. But with all the weight and how much more your going to add in equipment to harness is all what's the point? Just get something smaller and lighter if your looking for efficiency,now if this is one of those "Just because I could..." type things then it's perfect.
  2. The Tiger has been reissued before, I've got a blueprinter version in my stash. I do think it's only been issued three times though.
  3. Snagged that S800 I see,any plans to help a hook up a guy with one?
  4. I picked up one of these about a year ago and want to build it so bad,but I don't have the slightest clue as to how I should. Yours looks excellent,Maybe I'll do a UPS one to give ya some competition.
  5. Looks like I need to get on that MCM payroll then..........
  6. Then why are you talking about them in a thread about a model kit. Your just trying to dodge around the issue.
  7. Why should I see your point if you refuse to acknowledge anyone else's? You are too afraid to consider other's ideas because in your mind if you submit then you will be seen as weak, your a class A example (And a raging one at that) of an "Alpha Male" who will do anything to remain on the top of the heap. Fell free to continue vigorously mashing in keys in a fit of rage so that you don't lose any dominance in your little utopia, I honestly can't wait for the day it all sets in that you've wasted hours of your life trying to change peoples minds for them over a model kit.
  8. Well considering how you've mounted a severe defense against more than a handful people I'd say you may need to re-evaluate your action plan. Just remember Bill most of us are here to relax and kickback after a long day of work and build a model, not to treat our hobby as a serious profession. Take my job for example, I'm a lab technician at an optometrist, I make glasses. We have a very strict guidelines and are only allowed small tolerances because our products make a significant effect on peoples lives. When I build a kit however I honestly don't care if I'm lacking a few scale inches here
  9. In all honesty Bill I feel as if you are highly over exaggerating the issue just so you don't have to submit. Why would this bother you,I've seen you mention plenty of times in the past the only kits you purchase are second hand and rebuildables for your projects. And I'm sure that causing so much of a ruckus amongst the community constantly can't be for fun,so what motivates you to do it? Why do you care? I'm not trying to be offensive (If I was this would be way worse)I'm just trying to help myself understand why minor kit accuracy problems annoy someone who can barely be considered a consum
  10. So we've gone to comparing pieces of injection molded styrene that are created purely to provide a means of relaxation to machines that we entrust people's life with? Glad to see that nothing has really changed around here.
  11. It looks pretty scared,like it's seen a lot.....
  12. The CR-Z has always that as part of it's design, I'm not a massive fan of it but in certain situations it does look good. As for other modern "hatches" I am really like the Ford Focus and I absolutely love this rendering of one. The guy has some awesome design influences,everything from crazy wide body kits to blade runner. And if this isn't quite your thing he does a fair amount of other amazing cars,here's a link to his DeviantArt page.
  13. Different strokes for different folks, what some see as a waste of plastic cold easily be the grail of another builder. I'm sure the showrod guys are a little happy about this kit,besides it looks like it could make for some interesting kit bashing.
  14. I've never been to thrilled by anything RC but this little guy is so much fun,easily the best $25 bucks I've spent on Amazon.
  15. It's pretty cool but it's name is the "Hoonicorn", Hoonigan is Block's racing team name.
  16. I feel for you on the "Swept under the rug" concept. The problem with the forum is that it's already rooted among st a certain niche and it will not change,I've found that groups on Facebook with builders from Japan and Asia tend to provide better feedback and have a plethora of tips.
  17. Probably the same thing as a Mooneye or a Crager. Easily identifiable as a brand name but when trying to imagine what one would physically look like it raises some questions.
  18. Considering how the design takes heavily from racing influences it's very obvious that the lack of a rear bumper is for weight reduction. What started out as form over fashion has now become stylish,everything evolves.
  19. You think that's bad think about how many people flipped tables over the Mustang in Tokyo Drift with the RB26DETT swap. I honestly don't see why people hate non same manufacture engine swaps,if you swap something in that does the task provided more efficiently or better suits the drivers desire then your good to go in my book. I've seen a good deal of FRS/BRZ's with LS swaps that are pretty darn cool.
  20. When ever you find this STI with Vtec please let me know, much of the community has been searching for this elusive rarity for some time.
  21. The people my age I've seen come and go mostly tend to be driven away by how they either aren't accepted by the community or they just don't enjoy old dudes bickering over what they consider silly things. I'll be honest I've almost dropped the hobby a time or two because of how knuckle headed many members are in refusing to accept what young people really want to build. I have way more interest in building an FRS or a WRX because it's a performance car from my era that I can see on the open road and dream about owning. I don't care to much for Mustangs or Camaros simply because the chances of
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