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  1. Just thinking aloud here,if it said two new tools are coming out of this partnership this look like two radically modified cars that Revell doesn't already have,Probably going to be these...Trust me I'd love a new F100 tool but Revell already has one of those.
  2. It's all good Greg, here's just a little more attention.
  3. I kinda figured by their website (Last updated in 2012) that they had either called it quits or slowed down. What other sets are they working on and does someone have pictures?
  4. MCG is still in business? I haven't seen anything new from them in years.
  5. Those are just about as cool as they are dangerous. Needless to say I'd buy a kit of one.
  6. Now this is how a tutorial should be written up. Clear instructions, pictures with drawn out directions, and a shopping list. Excellent tutorial!
  7. I don't think I could imagine working with decals that big easily,excellent builds.
  8. Absolutely stunning build.
  9. Gorgeous. That engine could hold it's own as model.
  10. Now if only there was someone that made a CB 350 kit. I'll definitely pick up both even though I already have the Tamiya Trail 70. BTW does anyone have some good pictures of the MPC Trail 70,I've never seen what's inside the box of one.
  11. Now that's a car we need a kit of. I personally have never been a fan of Jaguar but the C-X75 is one of the most beautiful prototypes I've ever seen. Kinda makes me think of a British NSX.
  12. I would be interested in a Tesla kit. I saw one on campus a few weeks back and was blow away by just how elegant but yet subtle the styling is,online pictures don't do them justice.
  13. Good news. I'm not going to question them as to why I'm getting so much but I'm getting $500 more than the truck is worth (The KBB value came out around $2,100) and they aren't touching the title. I think I'll head on over to pick-n-pull next weekend and get a new bumper and just put the rest in the bank.
  14. I've been doing a little research and going that route is something I'm going to counter with if the agent tries to total it. I've also thought about telling them to replace it but then I'd have to re-familiarize myself with the condition of a "new" truck and figure out all it's little quirks. Kinda aggravating,while my little s-10 hasn't been the funnest vehicle ever it sure is reliable and I know it is mechanically sound. Pre-accident I would have no concerns for a 500 mile trip,that peace of mind is something I really enjoyed about my truck.
  15. Excellent build so far!Also I really like you photography. You should consider picking up Tamiya's recent release of the 300 SL to display next to it.
  16. I kinda want to do a 69 long bed,looks like I'm going to need to get both.
  17. Well I'm not super worried about the frame,I'm just mainly worried about the other drivers insurance completely writing off my truck as totaled and giving me a salvage title which would absolutely kill the value of it. If that does happen I may try and sell my truck and upgrade to a Miata,I've seen a lot of decent ones in the 3000 range.
  18. Keep in mind you will not find everything you want in one place,usually it's just a luck of the draw. Also if you befriend a few guys with collections not only do you get some model buddies but I'm sure they'd be glad to sell a kit or two to get another,especially at a decent price if it's to a friend.
  19. It was external,right under the driver side of the cab. It was like a ten dollar part from Autozone
  20. There was a show in Knox this weekend? Great score on those Esci kits BTW.
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