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  1. Continuing the Fox Body Mustang kit theme, I present to you the Revell Venice Fox Body 'Mustang' family! https://www.sprue.xyz/articles/revell-venice-fox-body
  2. The only kit I've ever had shatter on me was the MPC Ridge Runner Bronco kit. 🤷🏻
  3. Plastic deterioration isn't limited to new kits. How many of you have had MPC kits shatter?
  4. Let's not forget that at the time you could buy, from Ford, utility cabinets in place of the fenders on the flareside bed. Light service vehicles with utility beds were probably more common than the F-550 behemoths that are common today.
  5. Let's go fox hunting, shall we? My latest article and first of a series will be focusing on the Monogram Mustang tooling and it's variations over the years. I really appreciate any input folks can provide, whether corrections of information or contribution of better box art, sprue shots, instruction scans, etc. 🙂 https://www.sprue.xyz/articles/monogram-fox-body
  6. I have one, but I haven't actually opened it yet to check!🙂
  7. Looks about right to me. I love how Moebius and Salvinos JR don't block off runners and give you lots of extra parts in each kit. I think just about all of the recent issues of the pickups have multiple transmissions, pedals, exhaust, and tailgates. 😀
  8. Revell has aqua colours, enamels, and sprays. The aqua colours are the ones in the odd square jars while the enamels come in little tins identical to Humbrol ones.
  9. You would be better off starting from scratch as there isn't much on that Escalade that is common with the Avalanche. The front clip and body cladding is all different. 🤷🏻
  10. Steve Magnante. Magazine writer, Barrett Jackson commenter, Roadkill's Junkyard Gold host, author, podcaster, etc etc. Built several magazine cars including the Wilshire Shaker Nova and the Funny Fairmont. He's been known to attend the Classic Plastic show in Lawrence, MA.
  11. Your best option would be to lengthen a frame from the MPC '84 GMC kit. You would also have the correct engine bay using that kit as a donor and cutting out the '72 molded in one.
  12. That's why I wrote them! Glad they helped. 🙂
  13. https://www.sprue.xyz/articles/monogram_squarebody https://www.sprue.xyz/articles/revell_squarebody
  14. https://www.sprue.xyz/articles/mpc_squarebody
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