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  1. http://www.modelcars...showtopic=60466 http://www.modelcars...showtopic=60467
  2. i just finished this for a customer. it's a danbury mint 1/24 scale chevy el camino made to look like a project car being sold due to lost interest and or just plain lack of funds. comes with some extras to.lol i started with one just like this. and ended up with this
  3. thank you for the link Tom i saved it . i will have to try it out.
  4. a little blurry but i like what i see. more more!! and by the way some of the pictures i have posted make these look crystal clear.
  5. i love all 30s and 40s coupes and these are great. its almost like a before and after thing. just great.
  6. for anyone interested there are some nice signs here. Decals for Days Part 2 pictures by mrjjohn - Photobucket Decals for Days Part 1 pictures by mrjjohn - Photobucket YES MORE! Signs for your layout - Forums - Model Railroader Magazine - Online Community: Forums and Galleries
  7. i did the same thing only i have not added the accessories like the base the sign or any clothing. so here it is unfinished on the table at two different angles.
  8. WHOA!! cranky should be honered you have imortalized him. that looks fantastic.
  9. are you going to incorporate that funky floor in the dio. now get ready for your second job.cancel any trips and forget about extra spending money.
  10. WOW. I AM FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT.thank you harry.
  11. i hate when anything happens to any animal. i love'em all. i feed all the animals around me as i feel they are being pushed off the end of the earth and they where here first. your dog looks like he will recover very fast.then you will have to take some pictures of his progress.
  12. just thought some would be interested. model car icon dies here is the link. click on the x for the story.died feb 2011 http://www.google.co...185&tx=97&ty=38
  13. very nicely done.and in 1/24th i love it.
  14. ok!! i just found out that the sale is over. but not for us. i will give you the link to the ebay site. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-Impala-Convertible-In-Harbor-Blue-DDS-89-/380223181034?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item58871150ea you will see a 1959 harbor blue convertable at $89.00 with free shipping. but if you contact the seller and tell them manny told you to contact them about getting the sale price of $45.00 + shipping. the cars they have an abundance of right now are as follows and remember these cars are the daily driver series and can have some paint flaws or be missing a part o
  15. Tom west coast is having a sale right now. i believe a lot of the cars are selling for $45.00 each plus shipping.
  16. this car is a wcpd 1959 chevy impala that i redid as a well driven pro street for a friend of mine.
  17. super great model. i have always loved the willys coupe. love the door holds and the color is superb. Manny
  18. these models are to cool. its great to see there are more diecast rebuilders out there. for awhile i felt so lonely. trust me i know how much work is involved in doing these i have had more than one dremel bit or wheel blow apart on me.lol realy great work. manny
  19. i guess most of my posts will now fit in this catagory since i do mostly diecast. this one is a junker that i did for my junkyard. i made the back doors and hatch open. then aged it. hope some like it.
  20. this is a great looking toy. where can i get rub on chrome. i have heard of it but have not tried it and would like to. Manny
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