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  1. its funny what you say about the dogs because i am an animal lover to and feel the same way you do about them being chained up. i put them in the diorama because like a lot of things we as humans are not comfortable with they are there.but if this will make you feel any better i am pretty sure that it is against the law in some states now to have a junkyard dog tied up. by the way this is my friend rupert who would help me work on models before he grew up and went out on his own.
  2. nothing on the letters. would just like to know what the name foxbat426 stands for. the reason i ask is that while displaying my junkyard diorama at the fathers day rod run at horseshoe lake in succasunna nj on june 17th 2012 a guy taking o bunch of pictures handed me a buisiness card and told me to check out his website.the card is black with some kind of space ship logo and the name FOXBAT008 i am just curious since you have the same thing going on. Manny
  3. and you should be happy with the build. it looks super. a friend of mine had one simular to this only it was red. he loved that car.
  4. this is the era of cars i like best. 30s and 40s stock or hot rods. this car is very well done i like everything about it. JUST GREAT
  5. great work and a lot of it. the flares over the wheels are perfect and realy cool and different lake pipes.super finish to.
  6. your wife takes great shots. this model is stunning.i realy love the color and that interior shot makes me want to take it for a ride.
  7. can't get enough rust. its my new favorite color. keep on junkin.
  8. well heck!!! between the blow out and the plasic ps window and going around that curve half asleep because he fixed his logs he did"nt have a chance. bet he is just glad he made it out alive. super realistic and great subject matter. thanks for showing it.
  9. my dog dish is an old hub cap. would'nt go any other way.
  10. looks fantastic. i now have 6 tubes of dogs. i seperated the little pet and show dogs from the dogs that look a little more manly
  11. as a test you can buy some air conditioning chome tape some are rather thin others are thick and some are less shiny than others. i use them all the time on junkers. you get a large roll for not to much money. if you don't like the look' just peel it off.
  12. just install some helper springs and load'em all
  13. so thats your car Tom. its a super geat model my buddy just sold his real 1:1 67 impala this year.the magazine did a great job on all of these layouts.i loved the bee-comino and just reading i learned a few things that you guys do that will work with what i do. thanks again to models magazine.
  14. i just want to thank Harry for the great layout in the mcm this month of the impala ss junker. the whole article is just super. thanks again Harry Manny
  15. i hate to hear this kind of thing and i know what you are feeling. your grandad and your family all have my prayers.
  16. nice!!! looks more like a first place winner to me.
  17. thank you so much for these new sections Harry. i have always felt at home here but i feel a little more at home now thanks again
  18. Harry is right but some are only worth anything if they are in very good to pristine condition. anything below that unless it is a super rare model is ok to restore or redo your way as Carl has done and very nicely done. i distressed a couple of them that had they been in better condition i never would have touched but these were well played with and damaged to begin with.some of the extra rare ones if damaged are worth quite a bit as parts cars.
  19. looks that way don't it lol thanks. most of the cudas you see in the picture are franklin mint models that i distress for a diecast co who then issues them a title and sells them. i sometimes sell a few at car shows. i would sell a distressed model but i do not think anyone is allowed under the rules to sell here and i wish to abide by the rules. i like it here. thanks again
  20. they did make'em. here is a real one something like the model and the red model i started with.
  21. this is coming out great Junior. be pretty cool to have a diorama with the motel at the bottom and a dirt road leading up to the house like in the movie. and don't forget to have mama's shadow in the window. OK i'm just rabling on. great job
  22. here is one of the 3 cars that was under the tarp in my last post. it was the red franklin mint 1970 aar cuda repainted silver and distressed to resemble a nice winter project car.
  23. anyone ever tell you that you resemble Harrison ford
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