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  1. can i buy mcm at a store and which ones would have it.
  2. looks real nice so far. can't wait to see the finished car.
  3. thank you James i have not seen it yet myself.what issue should i look for.i hope i can find it in the stores.
  4. thanks Tim thanks for the tip. i will check it out first chance i get.
  5. trucker tim is on the money. i got about the cheapest vinyl tablecloth i could find. this stuff is as thin as paper and very flexible. i cut two pieces the same size. then i spraye glue on a piece of aluminum foil a little bigger than the tarp and pressed the tarp over it started in the center so it would not wrinkle much. than i sprayed glue on the other side of the foil and repeated the process. i am still looking for scale eyelets or tiny grommets so i just painted them on for now. if you want ihe tarp to hold its shape a little more just use a heavier foil.
  6. if you want a vynle tarp to cover a model you have to make one and get it to mold to the shape of the car you want to cover but you can only use it on that car. i think i have come up with a tarp that will contour to any shape car truck tractor ect.it will hold its shape untill you want to use it on something alse and shape it to that.here are some pics this one is just an experiment and it works pretty good. i used the same tarp in all of these pictures.any i do after this will hold the shape even more. let me know what you think.
  7. WOW!!! Sam that is just to cool. if i ever get to your area car shows or you get to any i go to it would be a hoot to set these dioramas up together. your car show and my junkyard.i will tell you one thing you should try to make nnleast next year. super great job. Manny
  8. just thought i would show these two static resin paper weight cars that had a little damage on them so i just rusted them up a little.lol one is a 56 chevy and the other a 57 chevy cop car. the 56 has a broked door handle and the cop car had a missing siren on the fender. they are smaller than 25th scale as you can tell by the 56 resin next to the 56 25th scale promo.
  9. WOW!!! Steve that looks great i love all of the little things you did to her. whats funny is i am currently working on three franklin mint diecasts of the same car one for a customer and two from parts cars i had lying around. i will post them when completed. cranky will flip when he sees yours. the green door is a cool touch. you now have rust fever.lolkeep up the great work.
  10. thats just to funny. but i think that actually happened to me. or was it the beer.
  11. it's now field of nightmares CSI seems a couple of scavengers looking for junk in the swampy field came across this horrific sight. what i want to know is ,WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ARMS AND LOWER LEGS. we will have to wait for the investigators to get there and do an investigation. i had way to much free time on my hands this week.lol
  12. i thought i would share this with you. i found these dogs in the local dollar store they are perfect 24th 25th scale. they are made of ruber and stand up well. the colors are a little funky but i painted one and dulled it to look like a junkyard dog i rusted a chain and made a collar and made a dog food dish and made an old pot filled with dirty water. this dog will be chained to an old rusty half delivery body that will serve as his dog house and placed in the yard. the bright colored dog is what it looked like before painting it. the tube of dogs is what to look for in the dollar store it h
  13. thanks Crank. i could not ask for better praise than when it comes from the master.
  14. CRITIQUE!! that would take a lot of nerve on my part. i think this car is near perfect. i like everything about it and i love the color. by the way i will have to check buy the way John i may have a set of f.m. 24th scale rally wheels off of a cuda if you need them. just let me know. again real cool build.
  15. WOW that looks super Alan the color is perfect . i also have the same sunstar 1/18 checker and i altered it my way.lol altho it still a cab. i will post more of it at a later time.again super great job on yours.
  16. good morning guys and gals.i am in a very good mood today. why you ask? i don't know. anyways here is a 49 merk junker that i did as an old crashed & rolled project or parts donor car.it started out as a danbury mint diecast 24th scale merc coupe.i remade some of the body parts from heavy aluminum in order to get the twisted metal effect. then aged and rusted it. well back to work. hope you like it.
  17. wow i like it. i think it looks better with the salt water finish. YOU MAY BE THE ONLY PERSON IAROUND THAT BUILT A MODEL IN 1000 MILES.LOL
  18. ahhhh!!!! a fellow junker nut. that is one kooool rat rod ride.gotta love those blue dots. back in the 60s i put a set of those on one of my cars and the cops made me remove them.idiots
  19. to cool. real nice build.i love it. i would love to find a distressed one and ad it to my junkyard
  20. that looks better than the high end diecast models i have seen.great job
  21. i have the book also as well as a few others that i use as a guide for my distuctive behavior.
  22. hi! all i have not posted in awhile as my stupid computer was so darn slow it was not even worth using it. for now it seems ok.lol anyways about a year ago i did a barn find junker for my freind Moe who works for the danbury mint. it was a danbury mint 24th scale 1956 packard conv black and orange. my friend Rich liked it so he gave me a franklin mint 1955 packard conv to do a simular barn find car for him. i just finished it yesterday. the first picture is the 56 black and orange i will post more of that one another time. and the rest are the 55
  23. green is my favorite color but i think you are a bigger fan of the forest service. super great job on all of them Aaron. with the right setting and backround these could be seen as 1.1 vehicles. i love em"
  24. none taken i love criticism i think it is helpfull. as for why i don't do many shiny models well' it just aint me. i have always loved going to junkyards and seeing all the rusting cars and trucks and wondering how they ended up like that.also most real nice classic cars are owned by people that have gotten them out of barns and junkyards so that nice super clean vehicle you are looking at at the car shows is not what the vehicle looked like when it was aquired.unless it was a garage kept and maintained and a never hit vehicle since it was new and passed down or aquired at barrett jackson by s
  25. wrecks and a few diorama buildings but mostly junkers. hence the name jerseyjunker1
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