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  1. This was my first build in over 10 years. I've learned a lot and the car is far from perfect. But I finally have my own Eleanor I ran a total of 8 surface mount 0603 leds to 2032 battery in the trunk. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post here and wanted to get some feedback. This is my first model in years so any help is welcome. I'm using the amt gt350 kit and have been using a 2 part epoxy putty to create the Eleanor signature body style. Thanks for looking!
  3. No not a coupe. A Hatchback. Yes it is resin. It may need a new nose, but then again I just may leave it alone, and just build it. The custom cowl hood, is also resin.
  4. Decals from Revell Firebird 3n1, the actual Shelby kit, the Revell Camaro Z21, and the 48? Ford. Engine from Firebird. Yes, I am ashamed, but the engine for it went missing and this one had velocity stacks, so that's a plus. Tires are my favorites, Firestone Supremes. I have about 12 sets of em, so I got to like them What d'ya think?
  5. Took a break off 70.5 Camaro due to paint cracking on hood/trunk wing Backhalf/Outlaw 10.5 Mustang I'm doing while camaro is on break. May go turbo route on this one. Some scoop mock ups for if I dont. Made the wheel tubs from scratch. Cage is being worked on know hard to find pics of 10.5 cages. This is close to how i want my stance to be to. Some cage progress working on wing, another scoop mockup I'm going to cut the trunk out as well. Not sure on the doors yet.
  6. They are back with this. 2015 Mustang, Ill shelby it up the best i can. Itll be a quick build. Remember blurry pics on workbench smooth pictures for underglass. Starting off with a reminder of what the blue crew contains at the moment. What im going for look wise What i have so far... It got to pose with my favorite shelby of all time the 67 GT500 428
  7. 85 Grudge Mustang. Made the custom front bumper most fox-body's have, Used my other 85 mustang cowl hood for the mock-up. Front rims aren't the ones I'm going to use. The fronts will be the same as the rears, Header exit holes done going to prim the body up in a few then make a set of headers. Filed down the orginal wing modled in the body, so the wing will look right. Love the stance on this car lol
  8. Who makes the best 69 Mustang sportsroof/fastback in your opinion,Revell or AMT?
  9. No Time Stock Suspension Grudge car. Has a 302 SBC from 69 Revelle Camaro will be getting another motor soon. Car Name is Half Breed,Has Tinted Windows, and has 275/60 drag radial tire with a 6 point roll bar. [attach
  10. Finally getting a chance to post the finished photos. They are courtesy of my Daughter Rachael, I had to wait until she was done with her school finals. The model was actually done it time to display at the NNL East. All in all I'm very pleased with how it came out. It did fight me all the way, mostly due to me and Murphy's Law although it's 40 year old plus design did make for a few challenges. Of course you may want to consider I was building out of my mostly factory stock element. The photo above probably shows the paint best. The Metalflake effect was actually done with course metallic and pearls. I thought it would look more in scale then the Metalflake paints I've seen. The kit decals includes just about variation, I chose to go with how it looked on the Car Craft magazine cover. Thanks for looking, If you missed the on the workbench build up here the link .... -Steve http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=87997&hl=
  11. just got the reissue today. its a straight reissue of the old Monogram kit issued last when the car was new. can only be built stock. comes with a nice decal sheet. with all the logo's for the car, and some SCCA decals.
  12. http://roadtrippers.kinja.com/ford-is-putting-a-mustang-on-top-of-the-empire-state-bu-1551115033 I'd leave it up there for longer than 2 days, after all the trouble...
  13. My third build ever might not be anywhere near close to Tyrone's Mustang but I'm proud, enjoy. Any comments welcome.
  14. My Bad... back later with pics, doh! AMT kit with donor engine, front wheels from Revell 2010 Shelby. Tires from Tamiya Silk Cut Jag. First time to mess with the body so let's see how it goes. Found DSE Aluma-Frame on the web and it looked cool so I decided to try and make one. I think it will look better once painted and under the car Later... Hog
  15. Just started on this shelby over a week ago. (Testors) Bright gloss blue with 5x coats of testors clear. I had built about 10 kits ever in my life that were 90% percent complete . Before this shelby I use to paint my kits straight out the box , I started watching a lot of YouTube vids and learning as I watch. I really want to built this kit right, tips I can use.. I still haven't decided if I should go box stock or fully roll cage with twin turbo kit on slicks and a drag chute? My next project after this shelby is a 87 Buick Gnx fast & furious clone.
  16. went threw my closet yesterday and found a 63 Mustang II Concept Model box didnt even know i had this the only thing was when i looked into the box it was missing alot of parts but the good news is i have 3 broken models for donors Parts From Donors 90 Mustang 5.0L Motor,Steering Wheel 70 Boss 429 Front Buckets,Hood Scoop 08 GT-H Front and Rear Suspensions,Exhaust,Side Scoops,Rims Front and Rear suspensions are glued up same as exhaust motors sitting in ganna make mounts
  17. Hey guys here is my first post on the site ive been watching and learning so much new stuff, i have been building since 6 years old but once i got a real car at 16 the models slowed down ... well ive built several real cars ( 5.0 mustang, ranchero, miata, etc) and its time to get back into the models. With 3 jobs its hard to find time but luckly the real estate business slows down a bit during the winter and no body wants to work on a real car when its cold so models it is, i am currently working on the 69 Yenko from 2 fast 2 furious and will be posting it under work in progress, i have picked up as many of the f&f series cars that i can find and here are a few that are already done. The Charger I built about 8 years ago so dont judge me lol j/k ill take any advice i can The Supra I had started it 8 years ago right after the charger but boxed it up and opened it back up last winter The mustang this one I started after the supra last year but got distracted by the ford turbo 2.3 1980's kit that i found on e bay so that was the project that ended last winter, 2 weeks ago i got back on the mustang and finished it a couple days ago. Thats it so far the yenko is in progress and after that comes the eclipse, monte carlo, lightning, and any others that i havent picked up yet. Thanks for looking at my post. Carlos
  18. I had this kit as a kid & loved it, but I've never seen another one since with the exception of the occasional ebay listing. AMT included a real grille, front and rear bumpers and tail lights. This has been my Holy Grail kit for decades. AMT also issued this kit, which I've never seen apart from ebay listings. IIRC, AMT issued these kits the same basic P/N but one has a 3 or 4 character extension. The box art indicates that this one may not have the front bumper or grille, among other things (decals?) Anyone know anything about these kits?
  19. Nothing special about this build. Right out of the box with the exception of ignition wires added. The wires are a little to thick. It really is a good kit to build with no real issues. The final fit of the body to the chassis need a few minor adjustments but that was really about it.
  20. Hey all, New to the forum, but PoweredPlay Gaming just created a new LED Lighting Kit that works well for headlights, under-glow and a range of other effects. Hhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbZXfectFkY. Still need to finish the paint striping, grill work and bumpers. You can find the kits on Kickstarter, or follow the link at www.PoweredPlay.net/Kickstarter.
  21. this is my first build on this form so. be patient with me and thanks to all!!!
  22. bowtieboss


    This was my first 'junker' build mustang and only my 4th model would love some feed back please
  23. Hi all. new to the board. Great forum. Just started to build a little again. It's been MANY years since I have done any building and I started this 641/2 Mustang this week. just wanted to intro myself and share a bit. sorry the pics aren't too clear. Thanks, Tony
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