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Found 13 results

  1. Finally finished the 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I by Moebius Models...known as the Villain. For pics of this build check out the On the bench section here. Here are pics from the final resulting build. Also, you can see more on this build on youtube at https://youtu.be/_oswBSc9HEA
  2. Take one Moebius 65 Plymouth Belvedere kit, swap a few parts from the Moebius Satellite and Johan Police Car kits, add a few aftermarket parts along with a few minor modifications and you can make this ... You can see all the build photos in the on the workbench section, just follow the link below. -Steve
  3. Hello all! I am currently working on the Moebius 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I which I have decided to title, The Villain. The look I am going for came to me while I was dreaming. I want it to be black with red interior and black steelies. The name is for two reasons...I want it to be a bad guy car that wondered into town and is stalking red lights for drag races...also its been robbing me sleep along with my sciatic nerve. I've been working on it starting 5:30AM most days. Also, I have tried to implement a "step up your game" policy building this car so I did more than I ever have before. Thanks for looking and let me know what y'all think.
  4. Right from the box the Moebius Belvedere Sedan kit it very close to the factory Police Package so I figured why not build one. I went with the Kansas State Patrol because they used two door patrol cars in the 60's, I liked the paint scheme and the decals are available. So with a few parts from the Moebius Satellite and Johan Police Car kits, some aftermarket parts and a few minor modifications I think I can make an accurate replica. I always start with the basic chassis and unibody front structure on these Mopar kits. I'm going for a factory stock, first day in service look so the floor pans got the typical Mopar overspray treatment. The top side is painted to resemble the black vinyl floor covering still used in todays Police Cars. The dual exhaust is from the Satellite kit, both kits share the same suspension parts. The bucket style seats were available on both the two and four sedan Mopar Police Packages by '64 and maybe even earlier based on documented survivors. A dummy plate covering the radio opening was added to an early test shot dash panel without the detail engraving of the production kits. Here's the basic chassis and suspension completed, The front end assembly is only dry fitted, it will be glued in at the same time as the engine as it needs to go in first. I'm going to call this part 1, stay tuned for more soon ..... -Steve
  5. moebius kit, Tamiya white paint, great kit. Flipped the front spindes for higher ride height. A day 2 car, Some interior shots added, I used insignia red and roof red mixed. Then I sprayed Future wax on sections for glossy look. A great kit. done for an IPMS national web site review.
  6. Finally getting a chance to show this 4dr conversion for the Moebius 65 Belvedere that I picked up at the recent Toledo NNL. The 4dr body has corrected vent widow openings, and the interior includes the proper bench seats, Belvedere I style door trim, low trim level dash and the 4dr package shelf. As you can see the body fits my in progress KSP Plymouth build up chassis and interior perfectly ! Here's a close up of the interior parts. I'm hoping they will offer the Dash separately and that I can talk them into doing a proper 2dr Belvedere I bench seats and door trim down the road. Some more photos of the 4dr body on my built up chassis ... Although tempted to keep going, I'm going to save the 4Dr body for a another project and I'm going to finish my KSP Plymouth 2Dr. I'll have an update on that project sooner or later ... -Steve
  7. Here's a quick look at Round2's latest release of the Lawman 64 Plymouth Belvedere which just arrived at my door a few hours ago. I've been waiting about nine years for it. The original proposal came from Bill Coulter during a discussion at iHobby 2008 with Ernie Petit and myself on how the Lindberg line-up could be expanded. The build up by Bill and the late Tom Creeger was displayed the following year as a 2010 release. The fact that Tom's not around to see it happen make it bittersweet for me and no doubt for Bill too as they were close. Kudos to John G. and the gang at Round2 for seeing this through. Here's all the new parts that were added. The only thing holding this back from being a true 2N1 kit a set of stock or street machine tires. All the other stock V8 version parts are still in there. With all the new parts now included I can see plenty of Drag and street machine possibilities using different decals sets and or tires. Thanks again Round2 !!! Available now at your favorite Hobby retailer ..... Steve
  8. Here's a quick look at the 65 Plymouth Belvedere Production contents that I just got. Look for the kit to be available in about 4 weeks from now. These photos were taken with my iPad, some are not by best work but it was handy for today. The body is highly polished, even smoother then the Satellite. Here's the chrome tree with multiple wheel options. Note the Hemi valve cover for a later version. Here's the new seats and the Super stock style exhaust pipes .... And here's the steel wheels that go with the dog dish hub caps .... Here's the big and little street radials .... The decal sheet .... These are just the highlight of the kit, the full photos are on my Fotki page, just follow the link below. http://public.fotki.com/SteveG26/moebius-projects/page2.html -Steve
  9. Had some trouble with it, but it came out looking OK.
  10. I have a resin '67 Belvedere two door sedan that I want to build as a simple, stock, six cylinder car with a bench seat. I have looked through what I have handy for a front split bench seat and matching rear seat that I can use but no joy. The GTX rear seat cann be worked with if need be - it's mainly the front seat that is the problem here. I'm using the Revell '67 GTX as the main donor kit and everything seems to fit well enough on the resin body but there are a few issues that I can either tackle or just live with but right now, it's the seat thing that I want to get out of the way. I tried the Lindberg Colour Me Gone '64 Dodge seat but it's far too small and it would look goofy. I have tried a RM '59 Impala front seat and it is the closest that I have found to a fit, by it's just a hair too wide and the shape of the seat backs are wrong - although that could be altered with some imagination and work I suppose. I'll worry about upholstery patterns once I find a seat that I can use. I know that the interior side panels are different on a Belvedere but again, I'll worry about that if I can find a seat that I can make work. There are some differences between the Belvedere and the GTX including the grille and rear trunk trim which is molded to the rear bumper but I'm trying to do this one bite at a time and get my ducks all in a row before I start really doing anything. The Belvedere body is obsolete apparently, so I want this done as well as I can do it based on my building abilities which are far from being on par with most of you guys out there. So - any ideas where I can get a seat that will look close to right? Thanks for reading.. I am open to suggestions...
  11. I always seem to putter away with two projects at once. In this shot, I've started in earnest on the infamous snap-GTO kit and the AMT Christine model, which I'm trying to turn into a plain '58 Belvedere. I used the same color paint for both, but as you can see the molded red of the AMT kit changed things just a bit. I'll try to post updates as I get time, but here's links to my reference (1:1) shots: GTO: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/358036239100312140/ Belvedere: http://www.classycars.org/Plymouth.1958.Belvedere.661.html
  12. Just finish the Lindberg Plymouth Belvedere. Nice kit imo,AMT and Revell should take notice on how to mold plated parts like bumpers from Lindberg. It`s more or less box stock besides i used Magnum wheels and new tires from the AMT tire pack and some heater hoses. The interior is gold with tan inserts in seats and doorpanels. Sadly i dont have any decent picture,should have taken before assembly. You could build this with the slant 6,but of course i had to go with the 426 Commando. I`m not sure the engine color match the real deal,but i tried to make it look original. The 6cyl will be saved until a later on wagon project. Anyway,it`s done and here are some pictures.
  13. jsc

    1958 Plymouth

    I've always wanted to build "Christine", but once I started on it I just wasn't feeling the red and white. So I chose blue and ivory, with some flat gray for the spear and seat inserts. I liked the kit, but had some fitment issues putting it on the rails. But for a shelf model I can live with it! Enjoy!
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