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Found 17 results

  1. Found this kit at a flea market not to long ago. To my surprise it's complete other than a decal sheet if it came with one. Was wondering if anyone has any information or interest in this kit. Can't find any for sale on eBay Is it rare or has been reproduced in the recent past? Thanks!
  2. Picked up the AMT repop of the 55 Corvette 2-in-1 kit. I've been wanting to do a vintage racer for a while and decided to do Noel Park's 150mph milestone tribute. Body has had the mold lines smoothed out and applied some Squadron green to the front and rear pan joints. And smoothed out the molded in trim atop the door that usually carries down from the bottom of the windshield and removed the molded on wipers. Got the front suspension temporarily in place to check ride height. Reviews have complained about the 4x4 look the kit has. Verified and needs to be remedied! Working on getting the rear in place and then fixing the ride height. Tim
  3. I finally put together this very complicated, multi media model of a vintage soda drink cooler. ? I made a Coca-Cola cooler before, happened to have almost correct decals. Now I have both versions of accurate decals, so I made this version for taking pictures to use in the instructions, and promotion. The box is resin, the lid handle is vacuum-form, and the handle is wire. So I have technically finished another model! ? It has an operating feature too. ?
  4. VINTAGE SODA COOLER 1/24 scale, includes resin box, vacuum-formed handle, steel wire, decal (chose "the real thing" or Royal Crown), instructions. US$20, plus shipping [west USA $3.66, east USA $4.06, Canada $10.50, Germany $14.25, other countries to be determined. PayPal available. Based on the TempRite Mfg. Co. steel cooler from the 50s. COKE_Cooler_instructions_ver2.pdf
  5. Was going through all my old model parts after 7plus years of being in storage and found this coronet body, but no chassis or anything else to it so I decided to build a local vintage stock car.
  6. Hey, all, I'm preparing to build a late-40s era mild hot rod 36 Ford 5-window, and would like replicate the thread-wrapped plug wires that were common for that period. Any ideas as to if such a thing exists in scale, or how one might replicate (simulate) the look? Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.
  7. Got the blue/orange/yellow Gullwing kit from an estate. I've had the later release for some time, so know it's the typical AMT quality that pales when compared to the Tamiya kit. But I *had to* get this early version because it's just too cool! Comes with a cardboard diorama display, don't think there is a driver figure. The bigger box version has a chrome tree of trophies. I don't see any on eBay, so have to ask, is this a rare kit? Too bad some of the plastic wrap is ripped off.
  8. I started another hover car. It needs a clever name. I'm all ears if anyone has a good suggestion. Vintage 68 Hover Bug........ This started out as a hover race craft. I envisioned bright graphics like you'd see on a formula 1. If you guys have seen any of my other posts, you'll know that my finished models usually look quite a bit different than what I begin with. Styrene shavings and cat hair for that " just finished a race look" I added some fins on the top, cut from another VW Bug's rear trunk lid. I wanted it to have a lowered stance while in flight. I had pictured a black, white and red racing graphics with racing numbers and sponsor decals. I imagined it as if it had just finished a race. Heavy soot from the turbines. Grease and oil on the engines. Maybe a little damage from other hover race craft. The fins on the top, direct air into the rear engine cover via hinged vents. I remember as a teenager, the cool VW Bugs at my high school always had their rear hood lifted for air cooling. Similar thing here, except the vents lead to some massive air intakes on the back of the engines. I got stalled at this point on the graphics and decals. I spent weeks trying to come up with race style graphics. Was I going to use decals? How am I going to get good paint lines with multiple colors? This was all out of my zone. So I started looking into vintage style...... I'll be painting the inner rims bright red. The center caps will be chrome. The front will have white painted similar to the rear white walls. I will be weathering it. It's a daily flier! Slight rust. Slight paint fade. Dirt in the crevasses. Soot. Good stuff.
  9. hello to all my esteemed forum members and friends,,,,lets have a bit of fun mixed with all of your valued opinions for a poll of the top 10 RAREST, HARDEST TO FIND, 60s 70s era muscle car model car kits ever. Detroit made by AMT, MPC, JOHAN, etc.,,these can include any 1/25 scale stock, or drag type piece you consider truly scarce. oh, lets try it this way, your list should be considered that any of your choices are all mib examples, sealed or not, but totally mint and complete.....I'm working on my list right now, and I will post mine a bit later in the day.....what are your choices here, boys...the Ace..
  10. I know that I have seen a list somewhere online years ago that had all the original issue dates for AMT's big rigs. I have searched some tonight and have had no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  11. hey guys, I'm looking for reference photos for a hopped up version of the 4 banger flathead in the 31 woody Revell kit. The kit comes with an ohv conversion and a few other speed goodies. I'm looking to plumb and wire it for a dragster so the water inlets will be capped off.
  12. Does anyone remember a '74 Challenger kit that came out, probably in the mid 70's with a front clip like the Superbird? I just found mine in the attic and am starting to restore it, but it's a mess. I'm looking for ideas? Instructions? Thanks John
  13. I may have posted this before but I can't seem to find the topic. My wife's father owned his own local Texaco shop here in Richmond and raced this Ford all along the eastern seaboard. The only reference points I have to build this car are historical pictures from the net (whatever I can find, anyway...), some sketchy memories from his kids who were really young (ages 2~5), and this only pic of his actual car: From my brother-in-law's recollection, the fenders and wheels were black, the body panels are burgundy, and the roof line is white all the way back to the rear bumper (CORRECTION: white to the bottom of the rear window, burgundy all the way down to the bumper...). The bumpers themselves were metal girders attached to the chassis by the frame rails, and very little, if any, logos were on the car save for his name, the "number 9" on the door panels, and MAYBE a Texaco label somewhere in the back. Since he ran his own Texaco shop, he wasn't much in the way of advertising for anybody else, so he didn't decorate his car like all the others. What I'd like to know is info and pointers from those of you who have built these old racers. Specifically, I picked out this kit to build the car off of... From the looks of the image on the box I suspect the car is lowered somewhat so I'll have to actually beef up the suspension some to make it more natural looking. Any thoughts on this, or am I using the wrong kit for this project?
  14. I've had this previously-built 4-Banger Dragster for a few years now, but the OHC-converted B motor was pretty severely glue-damaged. The "Offy" from a Monogram Indy Roadster gave me the impetus to pull it back out, and scavenge through a Monogram Slingster Dragster for front wheels and a few other details. Since then, I've changed gears again - ordered an Offy 270 from American Racing Miniatures - hope to have more progress soon.
  15. My last few builds have been a bit of a brain-fry, so I decided to have a bit more fun with kit building. These Zingers really captured my imagination and the more I found out about the original creations, the more I wanted to build the whole set. Next, I'll build the Super Drag Zinger and the VW Beetle Zinger (got an original kit on eBay for $20, as Round 2 don't seem to have licencing rights to the Beetle) It was a lot of fun...except the point where I discovered the printed instructions were wrong, and the valley-cover is on the wrong way round, meaning the magneto is at the wrong end of the engine. I wigged-out about this, screwed-up the instruction sheet and ranted about it for 10 minutes, but it's actually no real problem. I just wanted to build it like the photos. I added plug wires and fuel lines and swapped the kit rear tyres for some SATCO M/T Sportsman's I had lying around in my parts box. I also added a bit of clear acetate for the 'screen. I hope this makes you smile... Thanks for looking
  16. hey all , starting on this revell ford bronco .. Now i got this kit in a shoebox with the build description , it supposed to be a kit of the bronco with a trailer and powerboat , i only have the bronco and not the trailer and boat .. the plastic has become yellow , like from age ?? i dont know the kit is from 1991 going from the all yellowed build description. The kit is fairly simple to put together but not real bad in detail what i got in a shoebox (got this from a guy who stopped with building due to health issues ) the grille is cool its already open .. the headlights suck they are one piece and no glass in the kit for those .. so maybe open them up and make reflectors and cust glass to put in would be cool the body , i hate the shape of the wheel wells , now i cant really find good pictures of this kit or the boxart , i did find one other kit and those flares supposed to resemble / be rubber ? anyway my plan is to cut open the wheel wells and get some cool wheels on it and make it a bit rough looking .. i ven think changing the body like where the hardtop on the bed sits and make that whole with the body so its one piece could be cool ..not sure yet the roof window will be closed up i dont like that really .. overal it needs to becomea bit smoother overall , bit custom the tails are also a cast so i will make some taillight myself ..
  17. I've just returned to modelling after a 25 year hiatus, so of course I jumped right in at the deep end. I found this oooold MPC kit, partialy assembled, at an antique mall and thought the price seemed pretty good for a kit of this scale; $30.00. It looked like everything was there so I took it home and proceded to disassemble what I could. This was made easier by the fact that the previous owner had left the plating intact, so the glue joints just popped apart with little damage. Next, I carefully sawed off the fuel tank ( it was a mess and would have to be replaced). Here's the engine, rebuilt, painted, detailed (sort of), and weathered. I shaved off some details and replaced them with copper tubing. The magnetos were reshaped and wired with solder. the linkage was made from styrene and music wire. I made a new starter because the kit part didn't match any of my refrences. The starter wire is a low E string from my guitar. Next, I cut .040" styrene formers using the remains of the kit fuel tank as a template, and "skinned" it with .020" sheet. The aluminum mesh isn't quite right, but it was the closest thing I could find. (of course, after it was painted and installed I found the perfect material!) More guitar string, and fuel petcocks made from Evergreen rod. The straps are .005" styrene strips and the rivets are resin decals from Archer. Here's a closer look at the strap tensioners and the rivet detail. More coming, but be patient: I work slow.
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