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Found 18 results

  1. Today I finished working on the model. I decided not to mount the fenders because I think the Alfa looks better without them. The fenders look too big in relation to the wheels and the mounting brackets in particular look very unreal, although I also painted them the same color as the car. Now the Alfa gets its place in the showcase. Maybe someday I'll get in the mood to come up with something different with the fenders. Oh yes, I see the coolant thermometer is sitting askew on the hood. The last driver probably didn't screw it on properly after the last filling... lol
  2. This is what i´m doing now. One of the earlier attractive Model kits by the italian producer Pocher, launched in 1968. 1,452 parts but nothing is really fitting. Everything is to revise. The most important tools are drills, thread cutter, files and sandpapers. But otherwise life would be boring, wouldn´t it?
  3. I got this kit a few years ago. The box have been opened, some parts have already been mounted and painted, but in bad conditions. Some parts were broken. What can i do with it? Now I considered to use this kit as my first attempt to create an aged and used model. Not rusty, not dirty, but with a touch of patina. Here is my result. I believe, in a few components it was successful (engine, exhaust, drivetrain). The bodywork could be better. Well, it will find its place in the show case. I built the same model a few years ago. Here a pic of it to compare. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  4. This Heller-kit of an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 I bought many years ago. It was very down-priced because it was already started. Then I got another kit of the same kind. So the started kit kept unused in the cabinet. Now I found it again. I thought, this is the opportunity to create my first attempt of an used, aged and weathered model car. I´ve never done that before.
  5. Unfortunately I can´t open the front mask to show you the engine. Maybe something is too tight and I´m afraid to break some parts.
  6. An attractive kit and very easy to build. Unfortunately sold out or very expensive today.
  7. Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Touring Spider Bburago Diecast Kit, Scale 1/18 Here original... ...and new painted
  8. Saw this awhile back and thought it was a cool little car. I wanted one, but the price just got too high. I ended up finding this one at a good price and bought it with some birthday money. It's not a bad little kit, but I hate that it has the windows up with the top down. So I cut them off. You really couldn't finish the doors without them in there. It's a pretty simple kit that looks great. SAM_1136 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1137 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1138 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1139 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  9. Yesterday I received the 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal. It is a Centenary Special Edition and is labeled both Hachette and Leo Models. It took a couple of weeks to ship from Italy but was well worth the wait as I am very pleased with it. A unique feature of the model is the opening rear hatch.
  10. Question for Alfa Romeo experts, I have the Fisher BAT5 resin body, I've read the car was based on the 1400 and 1900 models. I see the Italeri ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPIDER 1300. Wanted to know if it would be possible to use the 1300, or are there too many obvious details that are different?
  11. I just received this unusual subject, looks really nice. Using my Fakebook post:
  12. They wait only the fourth sister Martini Racing.......... Building in series.
  13. Hello, I've been looking through my grandfather stuff during Christmas (Grandpa passed away 25 years ago) and I've found something interesting. He was collecting train models TT and N, but in dozens of boxes containing those I've found two OTAKI Plastic Models. These are Alfa Romeo Coupe 33 and Lamborghini Miura P400. Both are 1:16 scale and are in PERFECT condition, they were never opened nor used. As they are something around 30-40 years old I think they might be pretty valuable, that's why I am not planning to build them, but to sell them. Do you know how much may they cost? I mean, I've seen this Alfa Romeoon the Ebay for 200$ with damaged box, while mine, as I've mentioned before, is in 100% perfect condition. I haven't found Miura anywhere on the net so it might be pretty rare especially considering their age. I attached photos of boxes and the parts inside it.
  14. OK... the Lambo is still under way, but this one is now done! Lovely little kit of a lovely little car. The only thing I'd do differently if I did another one would be to thin out the body at the wheel arches, to give the dropped suspension a bit more room to move... bestest, M.
  15. Two very different cars, but both a tribute to the best of Italian sports car know-how... The GTA in primer. I'm trying out the technique suggested by "Cruz" in which you wash the shut lines with black while the car is in primer, before painting. He suggests rescribing the lines first, but I thought that the GTA had crisp and deep enough lines out of the box to test the technique without needing to scribe them. The Murcielago in primer. I wanted to get as many parts of the body together as possible to avoid having to match the colours, and glue clear-coated pieces together. In practice, this means the extreme nose, skirts and lower edges of the extreme rear can be attached. Doors and one intake (which has a segment of body colour inside) have to remain separate... The Murcielago will be Giallo Orion -- a pearl yellow colour -- with lots of black/grey carbon trim. This is, once again, the ever reliable Zero Paints system of ground coat, base coat and clear coat. Whereas the Giulia Sprint GTA is in a colour scheme inspired by some of the racers I've seen at Donington over the years. More Zero Paints, this time Alfa Rosso Corse and Lamborghini Powder Blue (a Miura colour which eventually lost out to the lime green when I built mine, but I may still do another in this colour, because it looks so cool...) And now with the clear coat on. You can see how much it changes the apparent colour of the base coat, especially on the Lambo. I think the change is even more intense with the pearl finish because it reduces the scattering of light by the pearl layer, and lets you "see through" to the base coat more directly. I also tried using clear over a decal for the first time, (the Alfa "snake" on the bonnet) which has worked very well. There are the odd spot imperfections here and there, but once again the Zero 2K clear has done its job and settled into a smooth, glossy finish all over. These will now go away into plastic boxes for a week or so to fully cure before polishing out those spots. It's good to be back at the bench! bestest, M.
  16. Hi everybody, I am a fan of 1/8 scale, new to this forum and I would like to share with you my restoration project of a badly assembled and even worse restored in the 90's Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Monza from Pocher As you can see from the pictures of the model before the beginning of restoration the conditions where very bad. disassembling the car The engine is the first part being taken care. Pocher models are fine but they have many imperfections in shape, mould, wrong components and so on. If you have ever built a Pocher you know how painful can be to get the parts to match. All the cast on nuts and bolts have been removed and 1mm holes have been drilled. Brass hex head screws have been used. The engine mounts have been modified to correct shape so the steering can be mounted correctly and the ugly pocher screws recess filled with putty and also the engine halves have been joined and filled with putty then sanded The oil pan with brass hex nuts and copper rivets The exhaust modified as a two piece
  17. Hello everybody, while surfing on ebay I found this auction for a set of 4 aluminium brake drum rotors for the Pocher alfa romeo. It looks interesting, they also say that they have more parts to come. here is the link http://www.ebay.it/itm/POCHER-GENUINE-ALUMINIUM-BRAKE-ROTORS-1-8-/251281640292?pt=Modellismo_Statico&hash=item3a818d8b64&_uhb=1#ht_500wt_1414 Best Marco
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