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Hasegawa Subaru Impreza '05 - Rally Mexico


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Nice build Douglas. Like the pace note notebook.


That's one mess of switches there! :o  Really good looking build!

Thank you Foxer!

And Folks Looks Like We Have a Winner ???

Very Nice ?

Don aka XJ6 ? 


Excellent work! I love the detail of the interior! I've personally worked on and driven the actual Lovell Subaru Factory Rally team car, and you got it dang near spot on!  Can't wait to see more! 

Thanks :D! i hope one day i could drive some Subaru car.. they are very expensive in my country.. :(

That thing is cool! Must have took forever to do all the buttons and switches on the interior it looks like the space shuttle in there?

Thanks Hawks.. and yes i took long time to did the buttons.. the kit came with decals to this part.. :/ i prefer do everyone :D

Nice model.

I agree with JC, the pace notes look great. Any chance of telling us how you made them?

thanks duplin boy..
yes i'll tell you how i did the pacenotes.. it's very simple and easy, i print some images of a real pacenote in a small scale, after that i glued they in a paper..
the first I bent to give the impression used, and use a pen yellow to make annotations in some notes.. :) its very easy!

ps: sorry my english..i'm still learning ;)

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