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Slowly plugging away at this project.  As pics show, it's the Coors KW and I'm using a Great Dane for the trailer.  Decals were shot on both models so I got online and got some from Ebay.  2-hole budds for trailer from Class A resin.  Moebius tires on tractor and home-made budds for drive wheels.  Used an 8 air bag suspension from another kit.  Using extra stacks and air cleaner cap from Revell KW.  I think the stacks are too tall for a company rig, I may change them.  Other than that just going box stock.

I remember this combo as a kid when I used to visit my Dad when he lived in Colorado (I'm from Illinois).  Nowhere to be seen anywhere now that I am an adult living in this state.  One of my early influences on why I love trucks and COEs.

Oh ya, I stretched the frame about an inch to make a west coast rig.


KW Coors and GD reefer.JPG


KW K100 21.JPG

KW K100 27.JPG

KW K100 34.JPG

KW K100 38.JPG

KW K100 45.JPG

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Thanks for the comments guys! 

I had to paint the white stripe on the cab due to the decals going bad.  I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to get to make this Coors combo.  Thankfully another modeler told me a guy was offering them online. 

I was pretty happy with the paint on this one.  I'll make an update here shortly!


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