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And, R2D2 makes a BIG come-back.  No spoilers from me, but the new one does a masterful job of weaving the original cast and story in and out of the new story . . . and integrates the new cast superbly with the original story.

Great story.  One of the best movies in a long, long time (or from far, far away).  Certainly one of the best sequels/follow-ups.


As an aside, we had the privilege and thrill of taking our 8-year-old grandson to see it today.  He was totally enthralled and completely mesmerized.  Just like his dad was 34+- years ago when we took him to see the original Star Wars - when he was the same age.  Life is glorious!! 



No spoilers from me either; I really, really enjoyed it.   Probably going to go again after Christmas w/ my sister and my brother back in Ohio.  I went w/ friends, a couple of them brought their kids--an 8-yr old and two 14 yr olds..they all loved it.   Another friend did the marathon at a local theater that showed episodes 1-6.  I don't have the stamina to do all in one sitting like that.

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Just saw it today in 3D. It was amazing. I agree that they did a great job of using the old characters to introduce the new. I could not believe how fast the story went by. I was still wanting more when it was over. I am still on the fence on the believability of the new masked villan.

We have a new luxury theater near us. We sat in pre-assigned leather recliners. Best movie experience I can remember ever. Oh and it was less expensive that the AMC that we usually go to. Go figure.

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Never have seen a Star Wars movie. Absolutely zero interest in sci-fi. Every time I hear "Star Wars" I think of Bill Murray doing his lounge lizard act on SNL. That is "Star Wars" for me...  :lol:


That's ok Harry. I've never seen the Godfather. It's one of those movies I tell myself I need to see, but mobster movies just don't fill my galoshes with concrete.

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I went to see the new Star Wars today good movie. Better than I thought it was going to be. Looking forward for the next one. 

The first time I watched original I went with a kid from the neighborhood whom had already watched it a few times . I was a bit let down from how excited he was about it but I was only 10 or 11 and already was told about the movie. 

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