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Bone Stock '57 Bel Air


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For Christmas I picked up a Monogram 1/12 scale '57 Chevy Bel Air. I had one when I was a kid, and did the strip version, and seeing that most of these are built like that I'd thought I would do mine bone stock. I'm doing it in Larkspur Blue, with an Ivory top, and blue interior. More pics to come


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I'm very biased to say something on this build as I really love this kit, and lost count on how many I built...

I have a ton of reference pictures of 1:1 scale 100 points stock Bel Air Coupes if you want. 

They show the primer color on the floor, where the car was undercoated and some factory markings.

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A thought on the white painted inserts, This was a common tutone paint treatment on the 210 model Chevrolet. I owned a 210 hardtop many many years ago, the side trim that the Bel Airs had was a brushed aluminum with the gold Bel Air wording. The 210 did not have the brushed aluminum trim and was usually painted to match the top color. If you wanted to change your model to depict a 210 you could sand the ribbing in the insert smooth and use chrome trim instead of gold on all other trim like the grill and front fender "gills" and hood and trunk trim. One other trim change if you want to make it a 210 is the chrome spear on top of the rear fins are shorter on the 210 than on the Bel Air. For your dash trim you might try some aluminum silver paint. On the 1:1 the dash trim was brushed aluminum with a black wash to show the bow tie emblems that were embossed in the aluminum trim.

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