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B.R.B.O FORD CL9000 done

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  • 3 weeks later...

so , a couple of day,s free and a good sunshinyday for the primer

also have try to find the good color for the interior [ this one i found on the aths forum ] 






engine [ not ready ]




and a shot of the cab [ mock-up ]



you can see the dashboard put it in for test


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sean the cab is still lose

on the picture of the instuctions its very difficult to see if the batteryboxes are good in place

so look very close to the real one,s and testfit the cab on the chassis , it looks its on the right spot now

the color is a sandcolor of revell aqua and come,s very close to the real one

but the hole interior has this color with a kind of darkbrown line on the door patch and behind the seats

but i have fun to make it and look to the others

some are amazing

next thing i figured out is the color of the chassis and cab

have some colors in my mind but.... it can always change

keep on modeling and have fun to do it


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Dude.....You put a lot of us to shame going up against something like this baby.....Looks awesome, already.....This will be a top contender, for sure.....I know I'LL be watching.....Awaiting my "Participation" trophy..... ;) Just for entering, you know..... LOL !!!!

I'm with you J.T. .I've already cleared a spot for my "participation" award. Except mine I'll not be a trophy, just a card.:o

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  • 2 weeks later...

well , the mecanics are lookin iff everything is alright

one of the guys read the instructions and a female member look at the interior whit a new blanket 

wel its stil w.i.p. , picture,s







today finishing the paint on the chassis


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this week i put the newway-airride under the chassis that i make already 3.5cm shorter

and i mock-up how it looks





and now doing the engine and a little plumbing


Hi Jacobus, nice start to your project! I like your rear suspension setup! I also have this kit, so I'm very interested in your build.  I see you might mount the fuel tanks right in front of the rear wheels. The cutouts at the bottom rear of the cab are there for fuel filler neck clearance. You might want to fill these cut outs on the cab if you want to install the fuel tanks like you want them, unless you want to use 4 fuel tanks... Or just leave it the way it is. This is a picture of a CL9000 which has the fuel tanks in the stock locations, if you can blow up the picture you will see the fuel cap is aligned with the cutout in the cab skirt:


Another pic:



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thanks robert for the picture,s

have several fueltanks and still don,t know wich one i wil used for the ford

wil put it like your first pic  but firdt take away the chrome off the tanks,

and i use the newway airride from auslowe becouse all of italeri white,s and freightliner have the same suspension , i believe also the superliner and the ford have them

have already make the tanksupport and come on the place like the picture,s



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  • 2 weeks later...

the cab has his white coat and i made also a teststrip for this paint

wil look off the other paint make a reaction on the white paint , if its good than i make a paintscheem with a mettalic red ore stripes






and now waiting for the wheels to put on the chassis


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thanks guy,s

the mechanics are checkin now the toplights and the wheels [ its a chaos ]



and the have put some tape on it before the paintjob can start



now first wait for a higher temp and warmer sunshine




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